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Are You Ready?: How to Build a Legacy to Die For

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Lara Lenker

The provocative book "Are You Ready?: How to Build a Legacy to Die For," written by Kimberly Harms, challenges readers to consider this important question: When our physical presence ceases, what emotional and psychological legacy will we leave for our loved ones? This enlightening manual is a thorough investigation offered in three captivating sections.

Setting the scene, Part One exhorts readers to reorient their attention toward creating lasting good deeds that go beyond monetary gain. Reflection on ideals like love, peace, trust, learning, and diligence is encouraged by Harms. Readers are introduced to remarkable people through engrossing stories who have led lives characterized by optimism and fortitude, transferring these priceless qualities throughout several generations.

Readers are asked to consider whether death is a cruel or gentle reaper as Part Two explores the unavoidable subject of death itself. Harms delves into the intriguing field of near-death experiences and the various perspectives on life beyond death. This part encourages reflection and helps readers gain a better understanding of the passage from this life to the next.

"Are You Ready?" becomes a useful workbook in Part Three, the book's practical core. Harms walks readers through the crucial step of assisting their loved ones in becoming ready for life without them. The extensive checklist includes an emotional life insurance plan in addition to standard legacy documents like health care directives and wills. The goal of this psychological training is to enable survivors to flourish in the absence of their loved ones, not merely get by. In order to promote communication and understanding during a difficult time, the workbook contains templates for legacy letters, letters of reconciliation, and a letter explaining the grieving process.

The pragmatic and caring attitude of Harms highlights the need for preparation because life's graduation frequently happens suddenly. "Are You Ready?" turns into a manual for getting ready for this unavoidable change, inspiring readers to graduate with honors by making a lasting impact that goes much beyond the tangible world.

Kimberly Harms' book serves as a welcome and much-needed reminder that our emotional and psychological legacies are just as important, if not more so, than our financial legacies in a world where conversations about legacy frequently center around money issues. "Are You Ready?" asks us to consider our own legacies and make a conscious effort to make them just as amazing as the lives we have led.


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