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Democracide: What if someone really did set out to destroy democracy?

4 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Marta Gil

Deborah Sawyer transports readers on an exciting adventure through a society shrouded in mystery and political unrest in "Democracide." Through the chaos of a worldwide pandemic, the life of retired professional hacker Mitch Gordon, who is now a globetrotter, is brought to unexpected attention in this story.

In a compelling story full of unexpected meetings and high-stakes decisions, Sawyer sets the early stages of the pandemic against the backdrop of Hong Kong. A dangerous and convoluted web of intrigue soon emerges from Mitch's initially uneventful house-sitting assignment for expats Fiona and Andy McAllister.

With a cast of interesting people, all with unique motivations and secrets, Sawyer's storytelling skills truly come to the fore. Plot tension and suspense are increased by Mitch's accidental meetings with a scientist escaping Wuhan and a democracy activist avoiding capture in Hong Kong. Her long-forgotten hacking abilities come back to life as Mitch explores the secrets surrounding the virus and its political ramifications, leading her into a realm of digital espionage and deceit.

The incisive examination of contemporary concerns in a gripping fictional setting is what distinguishes "Democracide". Readers will be kept wondering until the very end of Sawyer's fast-paced thriller, which expertly weaves together government secrecy, geopolitical conflicts, and the moral quandaries presented by developing technologies.

The book excels at fusing thrilling action sequences with intricate topics. Sawyer's rigorous attention to detail and thoroughly thought-out scenarios give the tale believability, which makes the story compelling and thought-provoking. Readers are made to consider the frailty of democracy and the possible repercussions of unbridled power via Mitch's perspective.

Fans of futuristic fiction and political thrillers will find "Democracide" to be an engaging read. Deborah Sawyer's novel is not only a captivating read but also a thought-provoking tool for examining the difficulties democratic societies face in a globalized world, thanks to her skillful narrative and perceptive comments on current affairs.

In "Democracide," Mitch Gordon takes you on an exciting voyage through a world on the verge of chaos. Your understanding of the lines separating security and monitoring, as well as truth and deceit, will be challenged by this thought-provoking book. 

About the Author

Deborah C. Sawyer

She began writing at the age of 5 - before she had really learned how to spell! Her first "novel" began with those classic words: "Wunce apone a time..." Since then, she has written countless articles, a few books and various short stories, plays, poems and essays.

Most of her books on Amazon date from her years as President of Information Plus. With offices in both the US and Canada, they worked with an international clientele and she gained a lot of experience, both in providing client services and in running businesses. This information - wisdom, she hopes - has been distilled into the pages of her books, so others who wish to read them can benefit. As that old saying goes: Learn from other people's mistakes, you will never live long enough to make them all yourself!

Since 2000, her business writing has been limited, although articles have appeared in sources such as in Quirk's Magazine or on - about the business of running a service firm.

But, back to fiction. (They say you always return to your roots!) Except for the odd short story or poem, it has been decades since her first attempt at age 5, but she has finally shepherded my novel To Be Somebody into print and onto Kindle.


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