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Fire Fury Front Lines (Fire Fury Saga Book 2)

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Editorial Book Review: by Thomas Z.

Author Amanda Rose is very diverse in her writing abilities. Having a number of books to her credit, she has recently decided to expand her genre to include that of science fiction. The Fire Fury Front Lines is her second installment of the Fire Fury Saga Series. In its preface, she goes as far as to not only provide a synopsis of her first book, Fire Fury Frontier but entitles the next three installments she plans on releasing in the five-book series. An index at the end of the novel then lists the story’s main characters and their species.

Amanda Rose ties political wranglings and unrest aboard the Bastion—an interstellar mega-structure of what I’d consider a base for the Galactic Federation—are similar to those of our own world today. The impasses encountered while trying to evacuate and further defend the Bastion from an alien invasion are restricted and convoluted with self-interest and stupidity, which In the end, costs thousands of lives.

All this drama stems from an impending attack from the 'Tendrils,' a sentient lifeform that eats through metal and lives on electrical energy. An evil entity that had been reckoned with in the first book in the series. And though this alien menace had been initially neutralized, chopped up into many, many smaller pieces from their formerly monstrous mass, they are back, possessing a regenerative ability that has scientists on their heels trying to figure out a means of permanently extinguishing the creatures before they regroup, grow, and ultimately destroy the Bastion.

A human refugee ship called the 'Saisei' had been docked at the Bastion, allowing its occupants some relaxation after having traversed the cosmos for the longest of times while too looking to join in with the Galactic Alliance aboard the Bastion. The Bastion's location just outside what the author refers to as the “Heaven’s Eye;” a cosmic anchor point for connecting wormholes, is where much of the action takes place.

The Saisei enters through one of the wormholes and exits into the Orellus system to seek safety at Vella, an Earth-like planet. It is there that humans hope to again live in peace and tranquillity. Meanwhile, a fleet of ships remained behind to guard the Bastion, having erected an immense trap just outside the exit of the wormhole. It is speculated that the Tendrils will be arriving through this particular wormhole, and the elaborate trap will capture and destroy them. Unfortunately, the trap was hastily constructed . . . and fails, only to further reveal a monstrous alien craft traveling in the midst of the invading mass of Tendrils.

Tendril’s colossal craft rams the Bastion, half destroying it, allowing the oozing Tendrils to feed upon the flailing mega-space station’s energy sources, infesting the vessel and consuming its occupants. As all this takes place at the Bastion, in another part of the galaxy, in the Orellus System, the fleeing ship, the Saisei, has exited another wormhole and is orbiting an earth-like planet called Vella. However, they, too, run into disaster as their ship comes under attack by another hostile force known as the Kikari. Only handfuls aboard the Saisei survive via escape pods, landing themselves on Vella, having now to survive a whole other realm of hostilities.

Still, there is another destination that some of the Bastion’s occupants escape to. Ethlana. This is where further adventures take place. And so, the book follows these cosmic catastrophes and the exploits of those involved. The story is very immersive, with a multitude of characters (Xan and Raiden are just a couple of stand-out protagonists) and a variety of subplots—conflict, destruction, survival, and rebirth. Author Rose’s style is fast-paced and smooth; initially, the names and setting can be confusing until a rhythm and an overall understanding of the plot are established . . . referring back to the index to keep characters and settings sorted is advised.

Fire Fury Front Lines is space opera at its best and one that is by no means short of action. The story is segmented into brief, logical chapters, and the progression of this plot-driven novel is straightforward.

Lovers of space operas will no doubt be enthralled by the otherworldly writings of Rose. Begin the read; you will not be disappointed.

About the Author Amanda Rose Amanda Rose is the CEO and founder of The Infinite Power of You INC., Co-Founder of No BS Biz Co. Ltd., a Business, Wealth and Mindset Coach, Multi-Published Multi-Genre Author, Motivational Speaker, Course Creator, and Actor. Her corporation serves entrepreneurs worldwide, with her unique approach that focuses on understanding each client’s individual strengths and guiding them in building their own methodology, rather than attempting to get them to adapt to a specific mold.

Amanda has been a sales expert for over a decade, having experience in door-to-door sales, retail, live sales presentation, network marketing, and online product and service sales, which allows her to bring extensive insight to her clients. Amanda has been featured in many publications and news articles for her work, including FOX, CBS, Yahoo! Finance, and NBC, and was recently recognized with the BRAINZ Global 500 Award and the CREA 2021 Award. Amanda passionately works to help entrepreneurs succeed through her Corporation as well as within her Facebook Community.

An avid Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, Amanda spends her free time reading and watching beloved Sci-Fi & Fantasy such as Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, Lord of The Rings, Battlestar Galactica, and more. She was a featured author for her Space Opera, The Fire Fury Saga, at the 2019 Toronto Comicon.


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