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I'll Sit This Right Here

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Great Read...

Brian Welch shows tremendous potential in I’ll Sit This Right Here, a deeply personal story. His conversational style helps bring to life his series of thoughts about what love is and how are we conditioned from a very young age to see love in a particular light. The author addresses several topics that will be meaningful to many people, and I enjoyed his little advice at the very end of each chapter.

About the Author

Brian Welch was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The state is a cultural melting pot and a city that is a bedrock for creativity and artistic expression. As early as elementary school, Brian began writing poetry, essays, and developing a love for music and creativity. At the age of 21, Brian started working overseas as an expat, which allowed him to travel the world, broaden his horizons, and have unique cultural experiences. He feels being from New Orleans prepared him to see the world. After trying for years to deny his creative spark he found himself transformed into that elementary school kid again that could only use writing as a way to express what he was feeling. I’ll Sit This Right Here, focuses on a time period when a past relationship triggered old wounds he thought were healed which left him standing face to face with heartbreak and a shattered perception of what love was. These things led to a spiritual awakening and took him on a journey of healing as he searched for peace amid his pain. I’ll Sit This Right Here, is Mr. Welch’s first book, but don’t count on it being his last as he now refuses to dim his light of creativity.


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