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Messed Up Like You: How ADHD and anxiety didn't stop me from becoming a successful entrepreneur

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Adrianne Nemtala

In his book "Messed Up Like You: How ADHD and Anxiety Didn't Stop Me from Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur," author Rick Culleton bravely shares a glimpse into his life and the little-known tale of his rise from hardship to success. For people struggling with anxiety and ADHD, Culleton's open and captivating story offers hope and motivation, demonstrating that obstacles in life can be the driving force behind business success.

Culleton's memoir is strong because of its raw honesty. He accepts the messiness of his own experiences right away, skillfully managing the complex relationship between anxiety and ADHD. Rather than seeing these circumstances as barriers, Culleton illustrates how they served as impetuses for his entrepreneurial endeavors. The story demonstrates the importance of self-awareness and resilience, showing that overcoming obstacles is frequently the first step toward achievement rather than being reserved for those who have never faced them.

By deftly fusing personal tales with useful advice, the author provides readers with a road map for overcoming obstacles and maximizing individual abilities. Because Culleton's business advice is based on actual experiences, people who might be going through similar difficulties might relate to it and find it useful. His path from self-doubt to accomplishment might be an inspiration to others who, like him, struggle with anxiety and ADHD and doubt their own skills.

The unique combination of empowerment and vulnerability in "Messed Up Like You" Rather than downplaying his struggles, Culleton shows how they molded his spirit of entrepreneurship. The book has a genuine resonance and offers a novel viewpoint on accomplishment that goes beyond the surface-level appearance of easy success.

As an entrepreneur, Culleton embodies the ethos of turning adversity into advantage. His story becomes a source of encouragement for readers who may have felt limited by societal expectations or personal struggles. The book's title is a bold declaration that being "messed up" doesn't preclude success but, in fact, can be a stepping stone to it.

Not only is "Messed Up Like You" a memoir, but it's also a manual for anyone attempting to deal with anxiety and ADHD. Culleton's experience proves that success is a dynamic, individual journey, and anyone looking to rethink how they approach their own challenges can benefit greatly from his ideas. By telling his tale, Rick Culleton dispels stigmas and creates space for a fresh narrative that values individuality and the tenacity of the human spirit.

About the Author

Rick Culleton

Rick Culleton is a hustler, survivor, and serial entrepreneur. He started working — and living! — in a Pizza Hut, and now owns businesses as varied as used electronics, hospitality, and real estate, including hotels in Costa Rica and Discount Electronics, an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company.

Culleton believes the best way to build a successful business is to solve a problem.

Beyond business, he’s a licensed pilot, taekwondo black belt, triathlon athlete, rescue diver, and advocate for at-risk children. A pilot afraid of heights, Culleton enjoys globetrotting and splits his time between Austin, New York, and Costa Rica. He and his wife, Katherine, have two grown-up children. His debut book, Messed Up Like You, shows how success comes not from talent but from effort.


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