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The Silver Sphere Trilogy: A Science-Fiction Adventure

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Exciting and Engaging Sci-Fi!

This three-part science fiction is packed with action, mystery, humor, drama, exciting characters, and whatnot!

The writer has demonstrated excellent storytelling through creative and engaging writing.

Aliens and science fiction lovers will specially love the story as it moves at a fast pace and keeps you on your toes about what will happen next. Plus, the writing includes dialogues and witty language that keeps readers involved in what’s happening.

“The Silver Sphere Trilogy: A Science-Fiction Adventure” also has pictures and illustrations that keep readers engaged.

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About the Author

David Gittlin

After a career in marketing and business communications, David Gittlin studied screenwriting and novel writing at UCLA. His first novel (an urban fantasy thriller titled "Three Days to Darkness") was nominated for the James Kirkwood Prize for creative writing. He has written four novels and four novellas. His most recent novel is "The Silver Sphere Trilogy: A Science Fiction Adventure." David lives in Florida with his wife, daughter, and grandchild.


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