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Unleash Your Company's Potential: "Get to Aha!" Provides a Blueprint for Industry Dominance

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

5 Stars

Editorial Review

by Michael Beas

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"Get to Aha!" by Andy Cunningham is a game-changing guide that empowers business leaders to position their companies for unparalleled success in their respective industries. Drawing from her vast experience as a marketing strategist who played a pivotal role in the launch of the original Apple Macintosh, Cunningham presents a revolutionary framework that transforms markets and propels companies to new heights.

At the core of Cunningham's approach is the notion that before diving into branding, a company must first understand its own identity and purpose. By asking fundamental questions such as "Who are we?" and "Why do we matter?", business leaders can establish a solid foundation upon which world-class brands are built. She emphasizes the importance of knowing the company's DNA—whether it is customer-oriented (Mothers), product-oriented (Mechanics), or concept-oriented (Missionaries)—as it determines the true positioning required to gain a competitive advantage.

In "Get to Aha!", Cunningham offers a p framework that guides readers through the process of uncovering their company's precise position in the market landscape. Through her DNA-based methodology, she advocates for performing "genetic testing" on the company, examining the market using the six Cs of positioning, and developing a clear and compelling positioning statement. This rational, factual statement about the company's role and relevance forms the bedrock of a successful branding and marketing strategy that builds momentum and outshines the competition.

Cunningham's expertise and credibility shine through in her writing, as she shares valuable insights gained from working closely with industry giants like Steve Jobs. Her guidance is practical, actionable, and rooted in real-world experience. She demystifies the complex process of positioning and branding, making it accessible to both seasoned professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

One of the standout qualities of "Get to Aha!" is its clarity. Cunningham's explanations are concise and well-structured, ensuring that readers can easily grasp the concepts and apply them to their own companies. The book is replete with illustrative examples and case studies that provide concrete evidence of the framework's effectiveness. Cunningham's storytelling prowess keeps readers engaged and motivated throughout the journey of self-discovery and strategic development.

"Get to Aha!" is a book that unlocks the potential within every company, regardless of its size or industry. It dispels the notion that only the biggest players can dominate markets, showcasing how a well-executed positioning strategy can level the playing field. By following Cunningham's guidance, business leaders can align their company's DNA with its positioning, creating an authentic and compelling brand narrative that resonates with customers and sets them apart from the competition.

In conclusion, "Get to Aha!" is a must-read for anyone seeking to transform their company's position in the market and achieve industry dominance. Andy Cunningham's wealth of experience, coupled with her clear and actionable framework, makes this book an invaluable resource.

Trust in Cunningham's proven methodology, and you'll be well on your way to uncovering your company's true potential and paving the path to lasting success.

About the Author

Andy Cunningham

An entrepreneur at the forefront of marketing, branding, positioning and communicating “The Next Big Thing,” Andy Cunningham has played a key role in the launch of a number of new categories including video games; personal computers; desktop publishing; digital imaging; RISC microprocessors; software as a service; very light jets; and clean tech investing. She is an expert in creating and executing marketing, branding and communication strategies that accelerate growth, increase shareholder value and advance corporate reputation. Her first book, Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition, will be published by McGraw-Hill Education in October 2017.

Andy came to Silicon Valley in 1983 to work for Regis McKenna and help Steve Jobs launch the Macintosh. When Steve left Apple to form NeXT and acquire Pixar, he chose Andy’s public relations agency, Cunningham Communication, to represent him. She continued to work with Steve for several years and has developed marketing, branding and communication strategies for game-changing technologies and companies ever since.

Andy is the founder and president of Cunningham Collective, a marketing, brand and communication strategy firm dedicated to bringing innovation to market. The 5-year old firm has worked with many companies in various markets including telecommunications, search, energy efficiency, media and publishing, finance, mobile apps, display technology, healthcare, big data and semiconductors. Andy is also the host of the popular podcast Marketing Over Ice (

Andy graduated from Northwestern University and lives in Sausalito, California with her husband Rand Siegfried.


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