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When Business Is Love: The Spirit of Hästens—At Work, At Play, and Everywhere in Your Life

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

by Michael Beas

Jan Ryde weaves a captivating tale in "When Business Is Love: The Spirit of Hästens," fusing the qualities of love, skill, and commercial savvy. Ryde explores the core of entrepreneurial success via the prism of Hästens, a high-end bed manufacturer, showing how a company may flourish when it is motivated by passion, commitment, and a strong sense of purpose.Ryde's story goes beyond what is often expected of a book with a commercial focus. It reads like a sincere declaration that is in favor of bringing passion and love into the core of corporate operations. The book sheds light on Hästens' extraordinary journey by painstakingly illustrating how the company's legacy is entwined with a passion to creating beds that are unmatched and with a greater purpose—the pursuit of authentic, life-changing experiences for consumers.

The author expertly combines personal tales with business concepts, offering a road map for those looking to give their businesses meaning and spirit. Rather of avoiding the difficulties encountered, Ryde openly discusses the setbacks and turning points that influenced Hästens' development into a well-known premium and high-quality brand worldwide.

The book's capacity to have an impact outside of the business world is one of its most notable features. Through her emphasis on the incorporation of love into all aspects of life, Ryde provides insightful advice that is relevant not only to executives in business but also to anybody looking for meaning and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Regardless of readers' level of experience with the business world, the well-written text powerfully engages them with its authenticity and real passion. With ease, Ryde's narrative skill captivates, creating an emotional bond with the audience and inspiring and motivating them.

Even though the book does a wonderful job of summarizing Hästens' experience and philosophy, some readers who are looking for more specific, how-to advice on how to apply these ideas to their own businesses may find themselves wishing for a more comprehensive actionable framework.

A testimonial to the transformational power of love and purpose in the business world is "When Business Is Love: The Spirit of Hästens". For business owners who want to create companies that are real, passionate, and have a strong sense of purpose, this book is a must-read. Ryde's story goes beyond the business genre and leaves a lasting impression by promoting a paradigm change that values love as the foundation of success.

Jan Ryde's book is essentially a lighthouse pointing business owners in the direction of a new paradigm, one in which profit margins are not the only thing that matter, but rather a deeper, more meaningful purpose that is based on love and dedication.

About the Author

 Jan Ryde, CEO of Hästens, is the fifth-generation family member to lead the powerhouse bed manufacturer since 1852. Jan studied industrial engineering and management at Sweden’s Linköping Institute of Technology, where he received a Master of Science degree before commencing doctoral studies in business.

As an Associate Professor, Jan earned among the highest student rankings at Linköping University, where he taught business for several years prior to taking the helm at Hästens. As with every employee – regardless of their ultimate role in the company - Jan began as an apprentice, learning and contributing to each step in the process of hand-making a Hästens bed.

Jan is honored not only that the sixth generation has joined the family business, but that multiple generations of other families continue to spend their careers at Hästens, dedicated to improving people’s lives by helping them sleep beautifully.


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