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Your AI Survival Guide: Scraped Knees, Bruised Elbows, and Lessons Learned from Real-World AI Deployments

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Laura Bottler

In "Your AI Survival Guide," Sol Rashidi offers non-technical company leaders a thorough and priceless resource to help them traverse the tricky terrain of deploying artificial intelligence. Drawing from her wealth of industry experience—including her crucial role in the introduction of IBM Watson—Rashidi provides useful advice and tried-and-true methods to demystify AI and enable businesses to realize its transformative potential.

Rashidi's guidance stands out for its emphasis on practical application and suggestions that may be put into practice. With a thorough awareness of the difficulties and traps associated with implementing AI, Rashidi walks readers through each step of the deployment process, from creating a strategic framework to resolving typical roadblocks. Rashidi provides compelling use cases that cover a wide range of sectors and roles to demonstrate how AI can produce concrete outcomes and open up new avenues for development and innovation.

The book's accessibility is one of its best features. Rashidi avoids using technical jargon in favor of language that is easy to understand and accessible to readers from a variety of backgrounds. "Your AI Survival Guide" gives you the information and resources you need, regardless of your experience level, to help you confidently and clearly navigate the AI world.

Furthermore, Rashidi's focus on executive buy-in highlights how crucial leadership commitment and organizational alignment are to the success of AI programs. Through the provision of useful tactics for garnering backing from all relevant parties, Rashidi enables readers to create agreement and drive behind their most audacious artificial intelligence plans.

To sum up, "Your AI Survival Guide" is an essential resource for anyone hoping to use AI to propel their business forward. This book is a valuable tool for executives at all levels because of Rashidi's skillful combination of knowledge, insight, and practical wisdom. It provides a roadmap for overcoming the challenges associated with using AI and maximizing its potential in today's corporate environment.

About the Author

Sol Rashidi

With 8 patents granted and winning numerous awards that include: 'Forbes AI Maverick & Visionary of the 21st Century', 'Top 100 People in AI', 'Global 100 Power List', 'Top 75 Innovators', 'CAO of the Year', 'Top 5 CDO's', 'Top 65 Most Influential Women', Sol is an seasoned executive, leader, and influencer within the AI, Data, and Technology space. 

Having helped IBM launch Watson in 2011 as one of the earliest world applications of Artificial Intelligence, and with over 3 dozen large scale implementations under her belt, she’s been at the forefront of ideation, conceptualization, design and development of Data & AI applications.

Her experience comes from real-world deployments where she has had to roll up her sleeves and do the work, while keeping the strategic intent in mind. Sol excels at combining her business acumen with her technical expertise to articulate business value to help startups, scale-ups, enterprises, business owners, business leaders, private equity and VC firms excel. Serving as a partner within management consulting firms, and holding numerous C-Suite positions at Fortune 100's, Sol is able to help businesses lean into data, AI, and technology as a competitive advantage, while still preserving the legacy in which they were founded.  

Sol is real, authentic, and transparent, virtues that have deemed her as the 'Rogue Executive', a leader who challenges status quo with grace and focus.


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