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Forgive their trespasses? One has committed murder. Two have committed adultery, and the third has stooped to petty spying.

When Sophie Dickson becomes the reluctant tenth juror in a DC murder trial, she encounters the man whose marriage she destroyed through a drunken act of adultery. The prosecutor knows that his boss wants him to lose the case, and that’s why he’s trying to dig up dirt on the man. The defendant, Nona Pierce, refuses to plead guilty, even while owning up to the murder. She just wants her day in court. Instead, she’s kidnapped before the trial begins.

Meanwhile, a lot of bad people—from one of DC’s biggest crime bosses to the Russian mafia—think that Nona and her lawyer Gordon Abercrombie have information they desperately want. When Nona escapes, they turn to firebombing, fire, vandalism, and yet another kidnapping, this time of Juror Number Ten, who finds herself in the middle of a situation far less appealing than jury duty—and much more dangerous.

Juror Number Ten

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