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What's Included in an Expedited Book Review?

Authors can expect to get reviews that will be a minimum of 250 – 500 words and provide feedback about:


- the development of the plot,

- the main character,

- and the reader's overall impression of the book


It is not a full proof-read service (which we can also help with) but a service that serves as a soundboard to judge whether your book is hitting the mark or not.


The reviews are sent to the author privately but will also be posted on The Book Revue as an Editorial Review and often on other locations such as Goodreads or Amazon.

All books will be purchased and downloaded from Amazon. eBooks can be priced from 0.99 - 9.99 

eBooks that are 5 and 4 Stared Reviews will be given a Book Badge and a Social Media Graph for branding. 


Order Your Book REVUE Today! 

Submit Your Book For Free 

Under general submission, we’ll consider reviewing your book. These reviews are no cost to you. We receive  a large amount of books to review and got to about 10% of them. If you have time to wait and a non-existent budget, we advise authors or publicists to submit here and get in touch with us about specific review dates. All submissions will be sent to our Parent Company Atlas Elite Publishing for consideration. 

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