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The Military Effect
Military Veteran Community

Welcome to our curated collection of Top Recommend Books

Welcome to our digital haven, a library dedicated to the stories and experiences of our honored Military Veterans. Here, within the pages of courage, sacrifice, and resilience, you`ll find a collection of literature that encapsulates the valor and diverse narratives of those who have served our nation. Our library stands as a tribute, offering a curated selection of books that delve into the myriad aspects of military life—capturing the heroism, camaraderie, challenges, and triumphs of those who have dedicated their lives to protect our freedoms. Whether you're seeking firsthand accounts, historical perspectives, or tales of bravery and resilience, our library is a sanctuary that honors the unique voices and stories of our esteemed Veterans. Step in, explore, and be inspired by the indomitable spirit of these remarkable individuals through the books that grace our shelves. All books featured are from Military Veterans. 

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Recommended Books 

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About Lead Librarian

Scott Manthorne

Scott Manthorne has been a master networker and connector for many years,

cultivating a diverse and global community of high-level business types in the

process. As founder and chief connector at his company, The Inside Circle, Manthorne has built an invitation-only ecosystem for facilitating vetted business opportunities. The environment has been rich with entertaining and inspiring stories over the years – all ripe for Manthorne to pull them together in a book entitled “The Network Effect.” He is currently working on his latest book The Military Effect which is set for publishing in late spring. 

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