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Lets Get Your Book Reviewed

General Guidelines 


If your book is more than 120 days past its publication date, or you really want to get it reviewed and don’t want to just hope it’ll get picked up through the general review system, you can go through our Sponsored Review program. There is some controversy about paying for a review, Book Star is a respected publication, like Kirkus or Foreword Reviews, and doesn’t provide fake vanity reviews for payment. While we guarantee that you will receive a review there is No Guarantee that is will be a 5 Star Review. In the event that the reviewer feels it is not deserving a 4 - 5 Star Editorial Review We will email you directly their critiques on the book and recommendations for improvement. These changes can include but are not limited to Editing Errors, Formatting Errors, Grammatical Errors and so forth. Once those changes are made you can re-submit the book for us to review again at no additional charge. 


Our goal is to help you on your writing journey and not tear you book apart. There is a high standard of professionalism from our standard reviews. Please note that we don't call our sponsored reviews any different than the other reviews.

Average Turn Around Time 

The Average Turn Around Time for a Book is 4 - 8 weeks. Once a review is posted you will be notified and a link to the review will be sent to you confirming the Review and the Star Rating. You will be issues a 4 or 5 Star Review Badge that you can add to your book and eBook and use for all promotions and inside your books editorial pages. Most of the reviews will be ready before the 4 - 8 week mark but if you would like to insure that your book gets to the top of the list please select the 4 - 6 week Option. We do offer custom packages upon request, please email us at with any questions that you might have. 

Next Steps


Clicking over to the purchase page will send you to a submission form. On the form we require you to send us some details about your book. 


Once your order is submitted, one of our professional reviewers will purchase your eBook on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. From there they will being reading. Some of our reviewers may also post the review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Goodreads and their personal blogs. While we can't make them do this for you, and it is 100% optional for them, we do encourage them to cross promote when possible. Note: We have no control over if they will do this, but it is one of the aspects that we look for when selecting our review staff.

 Still In The Publishing Process?

If your book is not currently published and you would like a review prior to its publication, contact us at for the submission process. 

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