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Welcome to our curated collection of Top Recommend Books

Welcome to the equestrian library community, where horse lovers and literature enthusiasts come together to celebrate our shared passion for all things equine. Whether you're a seasoned rider, a devoted equestrian, or simply enchanted by the beauty and grace of horses, you'll find a home here among fellow enthusiasts. Our virtual library shelves are stocked with a treasure trove of books covering every aspect of the equestrian world, from training techniques and grooming tips to captivating tales of equine adventure and memoirs of legendary horses. Join us as we explore the rich history and timeless allure of horseback riding, share our favorite reads, and connect with kindred spirits who share our love for these magnificent creatures. Welcome to the saddle, and happy reading!

Dressage Horse

Recommended Books 

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John Haime (Author).jpg
Anna Jane White-Mullin (Author).jpg
Jane Savoie (Author).jpg
Linda Benedik (Author), Veronica Wirth (Author).jpg
 Elizabeth Letts (Author).jpg
Monty Roberts (Author) .jpg
Georgina Bloomberg (Author), Catherine Hapka (Author) .jpg
V. S. Anderson (Author) .jpg
Elwyn Hartley Edwards (Author).jpg
 Elaine Heney (Author).jpg
Elaine Heney (Author).jpg
Wild Horses in Black & White

Recommended Resource Community Center 

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About Lead Librarian

Kristine Kennedy Beas

Kristine Kennedy is a distinguished figure in the equestrian world, boasting a storied career marked by remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to the sport. With a passion for excellence that transcends borders, Kristine has competed both nationally and internationally, showcasing her exceptional talent on prestigious stages around the globe.

A crowning moment in Kristine's illustrious journey came when she secured the title of IHSA National Champion, a testament to her unparalleled skill and determination in the arena. Her success resonates not only in the thrill of victory but also in the countless hours of hard work and dedication invested in mastering the art of horsemanship.


In addition to her remarkable equestrian achievements, Kristine has served as an underwriter for Chubb Insurance for the past 15 years.


When Kristine isn't at the barn or behind a computer desk, she enjoys spending time with her husband and partner-in-crime, Michael. Together, they live with their freeloading roommates, a loving dog and cat. Amidst the occasional chaos, she can be found in her reading nook, surrounded by plants, and sipping a glass of wine while devouring her latest read.

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