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"I Want Out" by William C Gentry

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

5 Star Review

Reviewed by David McCarthy

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I Want Out: A Woman's Guide to Finding Peace Through Divorce by William C Gentry is a compelling and informative book that addresses the often-daunting topic of divorce with sensitivity and practical guidance. The book's core message, "Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Scary," resonates strongly with the many women who may be trapped in failing marriages due to fear and uncertainty.

William C Gentry, a seasoned Georgia divorce lawyer with more than 35 years of experience, offers a comprehensive overview of the divorce process providing valuable insights that apply to any person exploring the idea of divorce. Whilst I believe the main demographic of this book is for women, as a male teacher on Philosophy and Ethics who teaches the concept of divorce to young adults, I found the book to be an invaluable insight into the reasons why women maybe looking to divorce their husbands and the process of going through the divorce. William C Gentry breaks down each stage of the divorce journey, giving readers a clear understanding of what to expect and how to navigate the legal and emotional complexities that come with ending a marriage.

One of the book's most significant strengths lies in its ability to dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding divorce. It addresses common fears and misconceptions that can paralyse individuals contemplating divorce, such as concerns about where they will live, the well-being of their children, and financial stability. By providing factual information and real-life examples of women who have successfully transitioned out of failing marriages, Willaim C Gentry empowers readers to make informed decisions about their futures.

I Want Out: A Woman's Guide to Finding Peace Through Divorce goes beyond the legal aspects of divorce. It offers emotional support and encouragement, showcasing the stories of real clients who have emerged from difficult divorces to build better lives for themselves. These personal narratives serve as beacons of hope, illustrating that it is possible to overcome the challenges of divorce and find happiness and peace on the other side.

The book's step-by-step approach is a significant asset. It equips readers with the knowledge and resources they need to regain control of their lives. Whether it's understanding legal proceedings, dealing with emotional turmoil, or planning for a brighter future, I Want Out: A Woman's Guide to Finding Peace Through Divorce leaves no stone unturned. Willaim C Gentry's compassionate and practical advice reassures women that they can reclaim their lives without sacrificing the things that matter most to them.

However, it's worth noting that the book primarily caters to women, and while the information is broadly applicable, it might not fully address the concerns of men facing similar divorce challenges.

In conclusion, I Want Out: A Woman's Guide to Finding Peace Through Divorce is a highly valuable resource for women contemplating divorce. It takes the fear out of the process, offering comprehensive legal insights and emotional support. Willaim C Gentry's experience and genuine compassion shine through, making this book an empowering guide for anyone seeking to break free from a failing marriage and embark on a journey toward a happier, more peaceful life.

About the Author

William C. Gentry

Attorney William C. Gentry has been practicing law in Georgia since 1986. He is the founder of the Gentry Law Firm LLC in Marietta, with a primary focus on divorce and family law, including high-asset property division, child custody, and alimony cases throughout the greater Atlanta area. During his thirty-five-plus years as an attorney, he has represented hundreds of women in divorce proceedings, helping them escape failing marriages and create better lives for themselves. Bill graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Virginia with a BA from its honors economics program and received his JD from the University of Georgia School of Law. He has served as the president of the Cobb County Bar Association and serves on the Executive Committee of the State Bar of Georgia Board of Governors. In 2023, he was elected Secretary of the State Bar. This is his first book.


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