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Alchemy's Air: Book Two of the Equal Night Trilogy

Updated: May 10

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Kayce Novak

Stacey L. Tucker's "Alchemy's Air," the second book in the Equal Night Trilogy, goes even deeper into the complex web of magical intrigue and psychological growth that the trilogy weaves together. Tucker creates a compelling story that constantly pushes limits and alters expectations by deftly combining mysticism, political drama, and self-discovery.

Skylar Southmartin, the protagonist of the novel, has changed significantly since the start of the series. Skylar is no longer the innocent young woman she once was; instead, she is currently struggling to cope with the consequences of her newfound awareness. Fully believing in her own abilities and following her mother's lead, she sets out on a mission to acquire a key memory from the Akashic Library that could have a significant impact on the future of humanity.

Tucker portrays the American political landscape in tandem with Skylar's journey, featuring the ascent to power of Devlin Grayer and his wife Milicent, who hesitantly accepts her new position as First Lady. The plot is made more complex by the way Skylar's spiritual quest and the political intrigue are contrasted, highlighting the relationship between societal and personal development.

Exploring the duality of human nature—the darkness that exists within everyone of us and its capacity to either elevate or degrade—is one of the novel's strongest features. Through Skylar's journey, Tucker explores the shadowy side of the human psyche, pushing the envelope on awareness and forcing readers to face their own inner demons. This is a journey full of optimism and resilience, but it is not without risk and uncertainty.

Plus, Tucker does a fantastic job creating complex characters that subvert assumptions and prejudices. From Skylar's unwavering drive to Milicent's emotional struggle, each character has subtleties and depth that make them endearing and compelling.

"Alchemy's Air" is a compelling story of self-discovery and atonement that stands alone, even if it expands on the concepts discussed in the series opener. Thanks to Tucker's beautiful and expressive language, readers are taken to a world where magic and reality coexist.

In conclusion, the worthy sequel "Alchemy's Air" provides an engrossing investigation of fate, selflessness, and the resiliency of the human spirit. Fantasy fans and readers of all stripes will be enthralled by its vividly realized characters and captivating story.

About the Author

Stacey L. Tucker

A desire to build a bridge between today’s science and the magic of a time forgotten has landed Stacey Tucker in the world of fiction writing. Ocean's Fire was the first of three books asking readers to open their minds to the possibilities hidden behind the veils our society forces upon us.

Ocean's Fire was the proud winner of the Gold Medal in the 2017 Living Now Book Awards for Best Adventure Fiction Novel.

Alchemy's Air was published in 2019 as the second book in the series and has been selected as a Finalist in the 2020 Canadian Book Club Awards along with the final installment of the series, Sky of Water!

She continues to redefine the word Feminine in America by speaking to women’s groups on cultivating the fire within as a catalyst for self-transformation.


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