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5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Tonny Brown

With "All The Dark Voices," his debut book, Philip Myles Dane deftly blends suspense, supernatural components, and a close look at how people struggle for calm in the midst of disaster. The planned trilogy that this fascinating book begins will captivate readers with its intricate storyline and charming characters.

The main character of the novel is Shelton, a modern nomad whose awakening gets the reader ready for an epic journey headed by three formidable ladies. These women are more than just mentors to Shelton; they are vital guides in a cruel and hateful world. Dane makes a powerful and poignant job of showing how crucial they are to Shelton's path to tranquility.

The plot is gripping as Shelton solves long-standing riddles and opposes evil forces that wish to ruin the planet. Addition of the ethereal entities known as "guardians" complicates and fascinates while questioning the basis of the church and international governments.

Dane is a master at creating a rich and compelling world where every shadow hides a potential threat and every finding moves Shelton closer to his mysterious fate. The masterfully woven storyline has twists and turns that keep readers on the tip of their seats. The huge risks and the real sense of impending tragedy make reading it thrilling.

Shelton is going not just to survive but also to understand his place in a realm beyond time and space. Rich and nuanced, his character growth draws readers in with his inner and outer tensions. Themes of atonement, sacrifice, and fate are thoughtfully considered as he battles with his growing responsibilities.

Beyond only a gripping narrative, "All The Dark Voices" explores the human condition and the never-ending battle against evil. It is both thought-provoking and engrossing how Dane deftly blends the ordinary with the extraordinary in his debut.

A strong foundation is laid by "All The Dark Voices," the first of a trilogy. Readers who want to find out how Shelton's adventure progresses and what more secrets and challenges await ahead will definitely be anticipating the next volume.

Finally, Philip Myles Dane's gripping and intriguing first "All The Dark Voices" combines suspense, supernatural elements, and a powerful narrative about the quest for peace in a busy society. Readers looking for a book that tests the mind and uplifts the spirit should read it, as should fans of apocalyptic thrillers.

About the Author

Philip Myles Dane

Dane is a student of science and culture. He travels and works with people from around the world. ALL THE DARK VOICES is the debut novel and the first sci-fi/speculative thriller in a three book collection. Other unrelated thrillers are in queue for readers in the years ahead.


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