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An Old Tin Can: The first book in a new black comedy crime series featuring Harry Burnard and The Squad!

4 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Tonny Brown

Bryan J Mason's "An Old Tin Can" is a thrilling exploration of black comedy crime, where humor and danger blend in a brilliant story. The novel introduces Harry Burnard, a new police officer facing constant threats. Burnard's 'The Squad,' a motley group of misfits, handles criminal cases in a world dominated by terrorism.

Crime is rare in a terror-dominated world.

Finding information linking a series of seemingly unrelated sectarian stabbings thrusts Harry Burnard into the action. He becomes embroiled in a complex political situation and must risk his life to uncover a unique killer. Mason's powerful and funny story explores self-identity and deception.

Mason masters combining comedy and tension to keep readers on edge and make them chuckle at unexpected moments. The Squad, forgotten oddballs, adds a new element to the plot. Character quirks and weaknesses bring dimension and color to the story. The Squad's mayhem and camaraderie serve as the perfect background for the mystery.

The novel's dark humor and fascinating crime tale make it strong. Mason's wit and views on bureaucracy and politics make the story thought-provoking and enjoyable. Well-executed story twists keep readers wondering until the conclusion.

"An Old Tin Can" is more than a crime tale; it's a meditation on current society, when terrorism trumps crime and good and evil merge. Harry Burnard's bravery and inventiveness in this confusing world demonstrate the often-overlooked courage of people who combat not only criminals but also a world in turmoil.

In conclusion, Bryan J Mason's "An Old Tin Can" is a great start to a memorable series. This work is a must-read for genre interests due to its excellent blend of black comedy and crime, rich character development, and suspenseful plot. Harry Burnard and The Squad will become crime fiction staples, and fans will eagerly await their next adventure.

About the Author

Bryan J Mason

Bryan J Mason wrote this novel in London in the late 1980s, but reluctantly put it away in a drawer after his agent narrowly failed to get it published. He dug it out every ten years or so and each time he did was surprised to find that he enjoyed reading it and still found it funny. At last, he decided to try and get it published, after making some changes, including firmly placing the action in the late ʼ80s and early ʼ90s for today’s reader.

He has worked as a brush salesman and rent collector, made sound effects for BBC Radio and been a tax inspector and occasional actor. He writes regular theater reviews for StageTalk Magazine and Bristol 24/7. 

He lives in Bristol with his wife and has two children in their twenties.


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