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Bo the Rascal Cat: A Whisker-Whirling First Christmas Adventure

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

5 Star Review

by Michael Beas

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William Neal's "Bo the Rascal Cat: A Very First Christmas Adventure" is a fun-filled, holiday adventure that takes a unique approach to the classic Christmas story. with the slogan "A Mother of God." A Holy Youngster. A devilish monarch. The book "Can One Rascal Cat Save the First Christmas?" promises a distinctive take on the well-known and beloved classic tale.

The narrative starts with Bo the Rascal Cat, who has just won a coveted bravery award, being selected by the enchanted Cosmic Cat to go on a mission that would change the path of history. Bo is transported back in time to 6 BC, when he sets out on an adventurous five-day trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem with two energetic eight-year-olds named Mia and Rooster. Their objective? to protect the infant Jesus and thwart the murderous troops that an evil king had dispatched.

With an amazing ensemble of characters that includes the mischievous Bo, the energetic Mia, and the adventurous Rooster, the story unfolds as a hilarious tale of courage and faith. Neal crafts a charming tale of magic, adventure, and touching moments that is both pleasantly familiar and surprisingly unique for a Christmas tale.

"Bo the Rascal Cat" is unique because it manages to preserve the religious aspects that make this classic Christmas tale ageless while still adding a lighthearted irreverence to it. The classic story is given a whimsical touch by the notion of a mischievous cat taking center stage in the quest to save the newborn Jesus, which makes it the ideal read for anybody looking for a new take on the holiday season.

The author takes readers on a terrifying voyage full of turns and turns, demonstrating his storytelling prowess. In addition to captivating with its spirit of adventure, the story also speaks to themes of friendship, bravery, and the enduring strength of religion. This is not just another telling of the Christmas tale; rather, it is a reworking that allows readers to share in the joy and wonder of the season via the eyes of Bo the Rascal Cat, an unlikely hero.

In "Bo the Rascal Cat," William Neal tells readers a new version of The Christmas Story. It's a lovely fusion of invention and tradition, providing a new interpretation of the ancient story of a Diabolical King, a Sacred Child, and a Blessed Mother. This book is likely to make a lasting impression on your holiday reading list, regardless of whether you're a cat lover, a Christmas aficionado, or just looking for a charming adventure.

About the author

William Neal

WILLIAM NEAL is the author of six books, the writer-producer-director of the feature documentary "Long Gone Wild," about the ongoing plight of captive orcas; and an Executive Producer on the feature documentary "Dying To Race," about the many ills of thoroughbred horse racing – a film funded and distributed by Warner Bros. Neal is a former college and professional hockey coach, ESPN color analyst, and television writer-producer with credits on some 400 hours of primetime programming. He has won numerous awards for his work. An avid skier and hiker, he holds a PhD degree and lives in Park City, UT with his two rescue cats, Mia and Jake.


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