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Bone Necklace

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

4 Star Review

Editorial Review

by Robin Surface

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Author Julia Sullivan does an amazing job of melding fact with fiction to create this moving and remarkable story. Her use of historic figures as the basis for the leading characters lends authenticity to the story she tells. It's easy to see how affected she was by the plight of the New Perce people as you read.

The writing style throughout the book paints images of both beautiful landscapes and people and horrific battles and individual violence. The cruel and inhuman atrocities perpetrated in times of war stand out in stark relief to the more human elements of the story, which works to keep the reader turning pages.

The author did an admirable job of showing both perspectives and motivations throughout the tale, as well as showing Jack's long-overdue move toward maturity. The way the fictional lives were meshed with actual history was seamless and helped to create an emotional and moving storyline. One can certainly see the amount of work the author did to create this vivid look at the resilient and determined Nez Perce people and the great lengths the US government went to in order to subdue them.

The addition of the factual information at the end was a nice touch, since it let the reader know just how closely the book followed history. I also enjoyed seeing the photographs, which helped me put a face with each of the main characters.

My only complaint, and it's a relatively minor one, is that in a few instances I felt like modern-day language and thinking intruded in a couple of places, which threw me right out of the story. I would prefer the author add that to the end of the story as her personal perspective/comments rather than having make an appearance in the book.

If you’re a fan of historic novels with well-made characters, then you will definitely want to read Bone Necklace.

About the Author

Julia Sullivan

Julia Sullivan started working on Bone Necklace more than twenty years ago, after visiting the Big Hole Battlefield in Wisdom, Montana. Julia first became interested in the Nez Perce story because of the great injustice that the tribe suffered. What kept her interested was their conduct during the war. While under attack, the Nez Perce won the respect of the soldiers sent to fight them and the civilian population. At the end of the war, Canada offered them political asylum.

Julia is an American lawyer and English solicitor. Throughout her career, she has worked to expose and root out injustice.

Julia lives with her husband in Annapolis, Maryland and Hamilton, Montana.


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