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Build The Best You: A Practical 'Self Help' Guide To Transform Yourself In 44 Days

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Book Description

There is a science to becoming the best version of yourself. It is an exact science that works every single time if applied correctly. It is inflexible. This book breaks down the principles to "Build the Best You" in 44 short days. Read one passage per day to gain the most impact. This guide will help you begin to look deep within yourself so you can ultimately create your own reality. The secret in doing this lies within becoming more aware.If you are new to the principles outlined in this book, let your imagination run free. Let go of the many stereotypes you've been programmed to adopt over the years. With an open mind, you'll gain knowledge by looking at things from a new perspective, as an observer, rather than wandering through life without goals, aspirations, and desires. What image do you hold of the best version of yourself? What does that look like? Whom do you look like? What habits do you have that you’d like to improve upon? Do you procrastinate? Do you lack confidence? Are you wanting to lose weight, or quit smoking? Nothing is too big to take on if you’re willing to put in the work and follow your passion, but remember you, and only you, can make true change. You hold the cards. Approach this book knowing that in order to build the best you, it will take patience, guts, and grit to truly walk your own path; and in doing so, you’ll be required to look at everything you’ve learned up to now from a different purview.

Book Editorial Review

by Michael Beas

5 Stars Review

In "Build the Best You: A Practical 'Self Help' Guide To Transform Yourself In 44 Days," author Rogers Brooks presents readers with an exact science that, if applied correctly, guarantees the realization of one's true potential. This insightful guide breaks down the principles necessary to embark on a 44-day journey towards personal growth and self-improvement, offering a passage to read each day for maximum impact.

Brooks encourages readers to dive deep within themselves to create their own reality by cultivating self-awareness. By challenging the stereotypes and preconceived notions that have been ingrained over the years, readers are invited to explore new perspectives as observers rather than passive participants in life. With an open mind and a willingness to embrace change, readers can acquire knowledge and insights that will propel them towards their goals, aspirations, and desires.

The book prompts readers to visualize the outstanding version of themselves and to examine the image they hold. Through introspection, readers can identify areas in which they wish to improve, such as overcoming procrastination, boosting confidence, achieving weight loss, or quitting smoking. Brooks emphasizes that no goal is too big to tackle as long as one is willing to put in the work and follow their passion. However, true change can only be initiated by the individual themselves; they hold the cards to their own transformation.

Approaching the book with patience, courage, and determination, readers are encouraged to embark on their unique path to self-discovery. Brooks reminds us that true transformation requires a fresh perspective on everything we have learned thus far. By challenging our existing beliefs and adopting a new purview, we can open ourselves up to unparalleled growth and empowerment.

"Build the Best You" serves as a practical roadmap to personal development, offering clear and concise guidance for readers to navigate their individual journeys. Brooks demonstrates a deep understanding of the transformative process, providing readers with the tools they need to unlock their full potential.

Whether you are a novice to self-help principles or a seasoned explorer of personal growth, "Build the Best You" offers a refreshing approach that encourages self-reflection, growth, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. This book stands as a testament to the power we possess to shape our own destinies, reminding us that with patience, determination, and an open mind, we can build the best version of ourselves.

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About Roger L. Brooks

Roger L. Brooks is an entrepreneur, business executive, podcaster, writing coach, and publisher with a sincere desire to help others by sharing what he has learned as a husband, father, colleague and friend. He has dedicated his life to promoting optimism and kindness, while encouraging personal growth and development through the essence of one’s story.

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