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Burn Ladders. Build Bridges: Pursuing Work With Meaning + Purpose

5 Star Review

Reviewed by Simon Rand

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Alan M. Patterson's book "Burn Ladders. Build Bridges." is a welcome diversion from the traditional strategy for advancing your career. It tries to completely transform your outlook on work, not merely optimize your path. This book is an engaging manual that provides cutting-edge tactics to make an impression, foster significance, and rekindle your enthusiasm for taking big professional steps while enjoying the process. Furthermore, it benefits people at every level of their careers.

Patterson's book provides value for many types of readers, including new college graduates venturing into the confusing world of work, seasoned professionals seeking more career fulfillment, and aspiring leaders looking to inspire, engage, and connect. It acts as your mentor, your advisor, and a vital resource for training to position you for success in any professional capacity.

"Burn Ladders. Build Bridges." is unique because it successfully balances success with connection, theory, and reality. Not only does the book offer practical advice, but it also shows you how to show leadership and find your purpose, no matter what role you already hold, the organization you work for, or the company you want to start.

Patterson's book serves as evidence that employment can provide deep fulfillment and be more than just a means to a goal. It challenges readers to rethink the conventional idea of moving up the corporate ladder and to put more effort into bridging gaps, establishing connections with people, and creating connections that go beyond simple career goals.

Because of the author's readable and relevant style, a broad readership can enjoy this work. It's a useful manual that you can use right away rather than just a theoretical treatise. No matter your industry or professional status, every page offers new perspectives and methods to help you rediscover the intrinsic joy that comes with your work.

"Burn Ladders. Build Bridges." is a relevant and priceless resource in a world when finding meaning and purpose in our work life is becoming more and more crucial. With the insight and direction of Alan M. Patterson, you will be able to turn your work into a meaningful path of influence and relationship. This book is a must-read if you're prepared to realize your full potential and change the way you approach your profession.

About the Author

Dr. Alan M. Patterson doesn’t believe in thinking outside the box. He believes in setting fire to the box and throwing the ashes where they will never be seen again. It is this mentality that has inspired four decades and hundreds of clients to not only find successful careers, but wholly fulfilling ones. And while he’s attained the titles of career coach and leadership development consultant – simply put, he’s a game changer.

It all started with his first book Leader Evolution: From Technical Expertise to Strategic Leadership that put him on the path to help others achieve professional success. And he has continued that journey with the Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose. Alan has worked with everyone from the Federal Reserve Bank to Hewlett Packard to Major League Baseball and the United States Navy. He holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin, an MA from University of North Carolina, and an EdD from Boston University.

Contact at him at and see what happens when you not only burn boxes, but also, ladders. Explore more:


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