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Burning Hope

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Nabil Trujillo

"Burning Hope," a poignant novel by Lori McAfee, takes readers on an emotional journey through a narrative of love, faith, and forgiveness among the storms of life. By telling the captivating story of Gabby and Jeremy's love, McAfee expertly navigates the complexities of human relationships and the relentless pursuit of God's grace in a flawed world.

The path that Gabby and Jeremy go through as they face the twists and turns of love and faith, challenges and triumphs really makes this read enjoyable. With her skillful use of descriptive language, McAfee takes you to the lives of the characters, sharing in a greatly written story their deepest feelings of joys and sorrows, explaining dreams and their fears.

The honest portrayal of imperfect people striving to live genuine lives for God is what makes "Burning Hope" stand out. Through the experiences of Gabby and Jeremy, McAfee shows us that while we are all vulnerable to feelings of rejection, shame, and hopelessness, we can only find relief and redemption by facing our pain head-on.

The work raises important and interesting questions about the delicate balance between faith and love. Even while McAfee deftly shows how worldly pleasures may pull us away from our spiritual journey, she also gives us hope by saying that we can always find forgiveness and follow our true calling.

Along the way with Gabby and Jeremy, readers are reminded of how love and grace can change lives. McAfee's delicate and lyrical prose creates a tale that is both real and rich with depth. A moving ode to God's infinite mercy and the strength of the human will, "Burning Hope" has both joyful and sorrowful passages.

"Burning Hope"shares the true resilience of the human spirit and the belief that upholds us in our darkest hours, the feeling of hope. McAfee's book is a beacon of hope because it demonstrates that no matter how shattered we are, healing is always an option.

About the Author

Lori McAfee

Lori McAfee is an inspirational life coach, speaker, author, and podcast host of Get Your Rear In Gear. With an unwavering faith in Jesus, Lori is devoted to making a positive difference in people’s lives with her encouraging words of wisdom and uplifting spirit.


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