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Cardinal Machines

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Book Description

Zoey desperately needed a lifeline.

Tragedy gave her 1-Ocean.

Being the great niece of mother of A.I. Katherine Cardinal, doesn't mean Zoey is rolling in green. In fact, she's living in the threadbare shadows of a great house that once belonged to her father and was passed down to her uncle. But the Collins family is rife with penetration-testers and Private Eyes, a gene Zoey's inherited in spades. So, even alone, Zoey is ready to fight to survive and make it in the business by herself. She's barely making the bills when her great aunt passes away and leaves her a prototype Cardinal Machine called 1-Ocean.

The Ocean unit is beautiful and buttoned-down, installed in Zoey’s front room. But what's a girl to do with a sweet custom android like Ocean? Why not take him out to pick up bail jumpers? It's easy money, since the Ocean models were designed for federal investigations and law-enforcement! But when Zoey takes on a bail jumper who would be her biggest bank, News channels report him dead in a seaside park. The Sheriff's Department rules it an accident, but her android's assessment calls it murder.

Editorial Review


Though some may complain that the novel started slowly, I liked the background and the world-building. Too much nowadays is crammed into the formula of "hooking" the reader and sending their mind spinning with a series of questions to get them turning pages. I love a slow burn. Cardinal Machines, a several books series, is just that. Tracy Eire's genius in creating Zoey shines throughout the novel. I was totally awed by Ocean; the android was magnificently put together, something every eighteen-year-old would die for. Artificial Intelligence is here, and this book travels that tangent beautifully, opening the world that may be awaiting us once humans and machines begin interacting more socially. Brilliance! A read that I highly recommend.

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About The Author

Hi! My name, Tracy, means *warrior* in Irish, and that's just right. I come from a much-storied island off the coast of Eastern Canada, nicknamed ‘The Rock’. That sounds like a prison, doesn't it? But it’s just the opposite. And, yes, it really is the farthest place you’ll get from Disneyland. It’s wild and free and dangerous, and as a result, the kids weren't handled with kid-gloves (so to speak). We had the run of the place -- icebergs and all! The land, the storms, and the beliefs shaped me into a storyteller. It brought me here. And, now, if you'd like to get to know all my series a little better, and by more familiar content, it goes a little something like this:

- The Dead Set is a bit like the Ghost Hunt manga, meets paranormal young-adults per Supernatural in an urban fantasy where investigating claims of hauntings can be fatal for the unsuspecting. - Cardinal Machines is a bit like Veronica Mars meets Detroit Become Human in a near future setting where mankind resists change, but wholeheartedly believes in traditional human values like good, old-fashioned murder.

- Folded Earth is a bit like a Aragorn-like warrior-woman crossing paths with Thranduil Elvenking, in a Northern Town out of Spice & Wolf, where secrets are the fastest path to power, but also, potentially, to ruin.

And, lastly, my novella:

- Hard Candy is a bit like if Die Hard met 90210 at a Christmas party that went terribly sideways. Whew! But all that really matters is what you think, so please do leave reviews! They mean a lot to your favourite writers and their success. Yes. You. Your opinion makes a difference. :) I also have a background in literature and psychology, with an entirely unhealthy dollop of technology (that's run a decade now and includes Clouds of all kinds)! I paint too much and think about trivia and oddities about the same, and it all comes out on the page! I've been writing professionally for many years now. You might appreciate my work if you're interested in near-future science fiction, ghost-stories, or kick-@$$ heroes and heroines. You can contact me here:, and even join my newsletter! And if you feel you're Street Team material? Please feel free to let me know on my site's Contact Page! I'm always pleased to meet you! Above all else? Happy reading!


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