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Charged Governance: Transformative Corporate Governance Principles for Private Businesses

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Fabricio O'toole

Andrew Usuki's book, "Charged Governance," empowers entrepreneurs in their early stages to achieve their utmost capabilities. Usuki, an eminent investment banker, manufacturing executive, and board director with extensive experience, offers perceptive analysis of the frequently overlooked yet critical aspects of governance that can impact value creation and ensure sustainability.

Awareness of the interdependencies among participants is key in private enterprises and this forms part of the strategic foundation proposed by Usuki. It provides us with a comprehensive framework that helps us establish and implement top-level governance procedures through an examination of the obligations and responsibilities of various stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, and acquirers. This framework is based on an analysis of the responsibilities and duties of the aforementioned groups.

The focus of "Charged Governance" is directed towards the personal concerns that business owners and CEOs occasionally encounter. Self-awareness is the initial stage in effecting change, and Usuki urges readers to adopt novel concepts that alleviate tension and foster sustainable growth, instead of clinging to obsolete ones.

Usuki demonstrates to us, through practically illustrative advice, how solid corporate governance can increase valuation, mitigate risk, and simultaneously improve performance while establishing a lasting legacy. Regardless of previous experience in this type of venture, "Charged Governance" offers us a strategic framework to achieve success in the complex contemporary corporate landscape.

If one wishes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of corporate governance on private companies, "Charged Governance" is an essential read for all individuals. Andrew Usuki's shrewd and pertinent publication will prove to be of great assistance to executives confronting the opportunities and challenges of the contemporary business environment. His experience is evident in every aspect.

About the Author

Andrew Usuki

Andrew Usuki helps founders and leaders achieve a more powerful valuation and lasting legacy by developing outstanding corporate governance. He has advised businesses spanning five continents in his career as an investment banker, manufacturing executive, shareholder, and investor in multiple private businesses. Andrew currently serves as director on multiple boards.


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