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Choosing Life: One man’s journey through alcoholism and depression to wellness and self-discovery

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By James Lair

"Choosing Life" is an open autobiography that offers encouragement and comfort to persons who are going through alcoholism or depression. The boundless capacity of the soul and the eternal life of the soul are both recognized by Andrews in his masterwork of literature.

Due to the fact that his narrative is so captivating and grounded in reality, readers are compelled to accompany him on his difficult journey toward forgiveness.  He struggled with despair, binge drinking, and terrible memories, despite the fact that he had first adopted an optimistic outlook.  As a result of his own personal experience, Andrews exposes the challenges that are associated with this kind of addictions.

This self-help book is a means of personal growth and the pursuit of happiness. It shows how Andrews confronts his darkest side, but thanks to his mental strength, he is able to move forward. While undergoing treatment, Andrews gains knowledge on a variety of topics that help him with self-acceptance, dealing with loss, and avoiding alcohol consumption.

Those who are going through something comparable will be inspired by her tenacity and toughness.  Regeneration and atonement have the potential to change circumstances even in the most difficult of times when loss is occurring. 

"Choosing Life" is a book that serves as both an autobiography and a guide to live for people who are battling addictions and are looking for rehabilitation. The example that Andrews provides demonstrates how tenacity and mental fortitude can serve as a foundation for a fresh start in one's life.

To those individuals who are going through challenging situations in life and are experiencing feelings of being lost or alone will find this book very helpful.

About the Author

Blue Andrews

Blue Andrews is a stay-at-home dad living across the lake from Seattle with his beautiful wife and four incredible children. Andrews first career was in sales. He spent over fifteen years in the technology industry working for startups, some successful and some not, a mid-sized company, and IBM. He has a BA in Economics from the University of Washington and Certificates from Bellevue College in both Software Development and Database Development. Andrews grew up in Oregon and has lived in Southern California and Atlanta as an adult. These days his favorite things to do are spending time with his family, exercising, listening to live music, and going on road trips.


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