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Deadly Depths

Updated: Mar 23

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Alvaro Merinero

The suspense, intrigue, and thrill of John F. Dobbyn's "Deadly Depths" keep readers hooked. In this intriguing tale set in Salem, Massachusetts, Matthew Shane, a law scholar, is upended when his mentor and close friend Professor Barrington Holmes is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Matthew instantly suspects a plot twist when he learns about Professor Holmes's death. He searches for the truth behind his mentor's death with unyielding determination. Prepare for an exciting journey across the globe as Matthew desperately seeks answers.

The author brilliantly blends treasure seeking, murder investigation, and high-stakes action to create an engaging novel. Matthew's investigation finds that Professor Holmes belonged to "The Monkey's Paw Society," an exclusive archaeology group, adding an interesting twist to the riddle. Every area of this amazing expedition has been filled with mystery and peril.

A highlight of the novel is Matthew Shane, the protagonist. Readers will root for Matthew as a hero. The protagonist's perseverance, creativity, and passion make him intriguing. His background as a US Air Force investigator provides him the character and ability to handle this complex case.

The plot is enhanced by The Monkey's Paw Society's intriguing members and Professor Holmes's bereaved husband. The story's eclectic cast keeps readers engaged until the finish.

"Deadly Depths" keeps readers on edge with its intriguing mystery and comprehensive investigation of historical and cultural aspects. Dobbyn's rich descriptions take readers to exotic places like Istanbul's bustling streets and Louisiana's wetlands. The tour gives readers extraordinary glimpses into ancient civilizations and lesser-known historical events.

"Deadly Depths" is necessary for suspense, thriller, and action-adventure fans. Its intriguing narrative, well-developed characters, and surprise twists keep readers wondering. This novel is intriguing from start to end if you appreciate adventurous adventures and mysterious events.

About the Author

John F. Dobbyn

Best-selling author John F. Dobbyn, a graduate of Harvard College, Boston College Law School, and Harvard Law School, is a former professor of law at Villanova Law School where he taught criminal, constitutional, and corporate law. Prior to his teaching career, Dobbyn practiced criminal and civil trial work. He is a frequent contributor to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and he is the author of five award-winning legal thrillers featuring Michael Knight and Lex Devlin. High Stakes is the sixth book in the series. Dobbyn is a Boston native and now resides in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Lois.


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