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Disruptable: Break Away From Ordinary

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

5 STAR REVIEW Escape from your comfort zone and discover life - and success!

Georgia author Allan Young is the founder of Noble Brands and founder and CEO of Drawers Franchise (custom kitchen organizing solutions), and has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, sharing his concept of changing failures into successes in this remarkably inspiring book. The tenor (and strong philosophy for success) is suggested as he addresses his son with his five lessons for life’s journey: ‘Life is a game, How you handle failure is what defines you, Don’t compare yourself with others, Protect your mind, and Never endeavor to be perfect.’ Young takes those principles and explains his concept that success comes from stepping out of our comfort zone, finding what is unique and different, embracing our fears, observing our impossible, and acting intentionally, offering his life experiences as examples. Or, as he so aptly describes the process, follow the path of intentional disruption.

This book is for all age groups - from kids to seniors - as the manner in which Young involves the reader in this edifying book lifts it to the top of the list for helpful and useful coaching resources. Very highly recommended

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About the Author

Allan Young

Allan Young is Founder and CEO of Art of Drawers Franchise, the premier brand of custom kitchen organizing solutions in the United States. Allan is also actively involved in several other companies he founded including FranBridge Capital, Shelf Solver Technologies, and Onarail Logistics. At the age of five, Allan founded what he called, “Work Club,” in his neighborhood, doing dirty jobs with the kids on his street like weeding yards or cleaning garages. With that first experience at a young age, Allan proved to be a true serial entrepreneur, founding 14 companies before starting high school. “Each one failed at some point for a variety of reasons,” he remembers, “and I learned painful but critical lessons from each.”

After graduating from college and serving as a Commander the Army, Allan’s ambition turned back to business. He created, acquired, sold, and ran business after business. He founded and sold several companies in the technologies and home services spaces. After selling his business and returning from a deployment in the Middle East as an Army Reserve Officer, Allan founded ShelfGenie Franchise Systems in the Fall of 2008 at the beginning of the Great Recession. The idea was based on failures he had seen in other franchises; there is an upfront investment for franchise owners with some initial training, then they are left in the wind to run all aspects of their business. Allan’s franchise model handled customer support with a world-class call center, media buying, marketing, ordering management, and manufacturing—allowing franchise owners to focus on growing their business instead of working in it. Despite the recession, the business thrived, becoming an Entrepreneur 500 company in 2009 and an Inc. 500 company in 2010. During his tenure as CEO over the next 8 years, Allan founded Noble Brands which included the ShelfGenie franchise, Outback GutterVac franchise, G-O Logistics, and 10XFive Marketing Agency and sold ShelfGenie to Neighborly in 2020.

To date, Allan’s companies have created over $500 million in sales. “A great scoreboard of success that was built on countless failures,” Allan notes.

Allan is a member of the Young Presidents Organization, the world’s premier peer network of CEOs. He currently serves on the SEC Regional Board. When he’s not building companies, you’ll find him voraciously reading, backpacking, freediving, skydiving, and any adventures that put him out of his comfort zone.


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