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Emergence A Path to Presence: Discover Your True Inner Self for a More Fulfilled Life

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By David McCarthy

S'Marie Young's "Emergence A Path to Presence: Discover Your True Inner Self for a More Fulfilled Life" expertly uses her highly personal experiences to create a globally resonant journey of self-discovery. Young's writing and narrative skills take readers on an intimate and educational trip.

Master meditator and conscious leadership coach S'Marie Young uses her life tales to inspire change. She shows how our hardships shape us by embracing them. Her story inspires readers to regain their power and realize what's blocking their true selves. Young believes trusting one's inner wisdom and being truthful leads to a life of connection, meaning, and purpose.

"Emergence A Path to Presence" is a memoir and guide to awakening and transformation. Young effectively integrates personal stories with self-leadership and conscious leadership principles. Readers are empowered to find their voice and stand in their truth by reflecting on their life and its impacts. Young shows that letting go of the past and living in the present reorients the future and enhances each moment.

Young elegantly mixes business, philosophy, spirituality, and neuroscience into her book, reflecting her thirty-year meditation and self-development. Her self-leadership instructions are practical and effective, making difficult ideas applicable to readers. Young employs the Enneagram, a personality mapping method, to explore the head, heart, and body to help readers be present and trust themselves.

The book's contemplative questions encourage introspection: Have you completed your goals? Is your inner critic always holding you back? What works and doesn't in your life? These questions force readers to face their inner obstacles and discover their potential.

Young writes about her trip from California beaches to India, showing her pain, joy, obstacles, and progress in prose and poetry. Her honest confessions help readers find their genuine selves. Poems and dreams in the book reflect the true self and an inner guide that always leads to proper behavior.

The book "Emergence A Path to Presence" is essential for seekers, conscious leaders, and anyone seeking fulfillment. Young's incisive observations and practical advice offer a powerful road to self-leadership and authenticity. This book helps readers develop their voice, stand in their truth, and make significant relationships and contributions. S'Marie Young's art shows how embracing one's path and living in the present may transform one's true self, giving hope and guidance to those trying to awaken.

About the Author

S'Marie Young

S’Marie Young is a lifelong seeker of inner truth, a meditator who has studied in India five times, and has taken a deep dive into the Enneagram system of transformation. She is committed to personal development and fascinated with the story behind the story of her own and other’s behaviors. As co-founder of a boutique brokerage firm that was eventually acquired by a company with global affiliations, where she served as a SVP. An urban yogi that is planted firmly in the world, S’Marie blends her practical business acumen with timeless spiritual principles she has learned, putting them into practice in her own life and sharing her experience with others. Searching for a career that serves the whole person, personally, and professionally, she found leadership coaching a perfect fit. As a poet, she is a keen observer, offering creative insights and guidance to clients in a way that reaches the heart -- the place where meaningful change happens.

In her leisure time, S’Marie enjoys reading novels, writing poetry, reveling in beautiful coastal and southwest landscapes, taking long walks and hikes.


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