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EntreThrive: The Entrepreneur's Eight Laws to Accelerate Financial Freedom While Creating The Good Life

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Michael Beas

In his book "EntreThrive: The Entrepreneur's Eight Laws to Accelerate Financial Freedom While Creating The Good Life," Aaron Marcum dispels the widespread misconception that achieving success in entrepreneurship requires hardship and sacrifice. Marcum offers The Eight EntreThriveTM Laws, a revolutionary framework that enables business owners to not only attain financial freedom but also to create a life of abundance, contentment, and well-being. Marcum draws on his own turbulent entrepreneurial journey to inform this framework.

The rejection of the false dualism between career success and personal contentment is at the core of Marcum's message. Marcum demolishes the idea of the "Lie of the Either/Or," showing how entrepreneurs may succeed in both company and life, with moving personal tales and insightful observations. Marcum overcame the never-ending grind of entrepreneurship by living up to the EntreThriveTM Laws, which gave his life energy and meaning instead of tiredness and overwhelm.

The Eight EntreThriveTM Laws are a set of guidelines that entrepreneurs can use to help them prioritize their personal development and well-being over the challenges of running a business. Marcum provides guidance on developing resilience, enthusiasm, and clarity in the entrepreneurial path, covering topics like the significance of being in line with a bigger vision and accepting failure as a driving force for development.

The distinctive quality of "EntreThrive" is its all-encompassing strategy for success, which recognizes the connection between the personal and professional domains. Marcum's emphasis on purpose-driven action, passionate perseverance, and daily focus strikes a deep chord with business owners who want to live happy, meaningful lives in addition to achieving financial success.

Furthermore, Marcum's readiness to impart his revolutionary concept through masterminds, speeches, and coaching emphasizes his dedication to enabling other business owners to succeed. Through the distillation of his hard-earned expertise into practical lessons, Marcum encourages readers to set out on their own path to financial independence and a fulfilling existence.

"EntreThrive" is essentially a manifesto for a new paradigm of entrepreneurship, one based on abundance, resilience, and holistic well-being, rather than just a book. This book is a ray of light for entrepreneurs who want to break free from the confines of the "Lie of the Either/Or" and start living a life of abundance right now. It does this by blending inspiration, real-world knowledge, and unrelenting optimism.

About the Author

Aaron Marcum

Aaron Marcum earned a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from UPenn and studied under Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, which is the field that inspired The Eight EntreThrive Laws. For more than twenty years he’s served the world as an entrepreneur by starting and scaling two multi-million-dollar companies, each with over 125 employees. He and Heather have six children and enjoy creating their dream life along the banks of the Snake River.


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