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"Dada, What If..." by J.L. Caban Caban

Updated: Mar 4

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Brenda Jones Marie

"Dada, What If..." by J.L. Caban, illustrated by Julian Lincoln Caban, shines as a source of creative amazement in a world where inquiry is the ultimate virtue. This charming picture book transports readers to magical realms of endless possibilities by going beyond the traditional bounds of storytelling.

"Dada, What If..." is fundamentally a tribute to children's limitless inventiveness. Readers are asked to consider a series of humorous questions that pique readers curiosity and provoke thought through the innocent and curious voice of the protagonist, Dada. Imagine if trees had speech. What if cotton candy was used to make clouds? These straightforward but thought-provoking questions open doors to magical worlds where the commonplace becomes magical and the exceptional becomes remarkable.

The book's skillful combination of poetic prose and engrossing pictures is one of its most appealing aspects. Dada's world is brought to life with rich colors and whimsical details in Julian Lincoln Caban's captivating illustrations, while J.L. Caban's expressive text skillfully evokes vivid images. They weave a vivid fantasy tapestry together that enthralls readers of all ages.

"Dada, What If..." not only has a captivating story and beautiful artwork, but it also conveys a powerful message about the value of curiosity and accepting the wonders of the unknown. This book is a gentle reminder of the beauty that may be discovered in accepting ambiguity and welcoming the unknown with open arms in a world that frequently places a higher value on logic and certainty.

In addition, "Dada, What If..." encourages meaningful discussions on empathy, creativity, and the need of viewing the world through a child's perspective. It fosters an exploration and discovery mentality that is vital for one's own personal development by inviting readers to interact with the world around them with awe and curiosity.

To sum up, "Dada, What If..." is a well written tribute to the creative potential. Its meaningful message, stunning pictures, and engrossing storyline will inspire readers of all ages to embrace the magic of what-if and set out on their own creative exploration adventure. This book will astonish and capture the imagination of future generations, and it's much more than just a fun read.

About the Author

J.L. Caban & Julian Caban

J.L. Caban was born in the year of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ (1972) to Joe and Lisa in a Mount Sinai hospital room in New York City and grew up in the boro of the Bronx. True to the iconic song, he has always found himself reaching for the stars. Having a keen interest in the literary arts, he found himself reading the works of classic novelists such as Hemingway, Wharton, Bronte and the like and dreamed of one day writing his own page turner.

He attended Lehman College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in English Literature, and a Master of Science in Education; in addition to becoming a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. JL then went on to teach English to an inner-city school in the Bronx before joining the New York City Police Department, where he has achieved the rank of Sergeant. Caban is married to his wife Cecilia and together they have a son, Julian Lincoln Caban who is the illustrator of his latest book "Dada, What If...".

“Dada What If…” is a story of the unconditional love between a father and a son. Read as ‘Little One’ imagines himself in a world of mischief, all the while wondering if Dada will continue to love him. The book is unique in that the author, J.L. Caban – who is a bestselling author of fiction – and the illustrator, Julian Lincoln Caban, are actually father and son, which makes this project especially appealing.


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