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Fatal Flaw: A Cal Claxton Mystery (Cal Claxton Oregon Mysteries Book 9)

4 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Julianna Scovino

Warren C. Easley's "Fatal Flaw" is a thrilling mystery set in the Pacific Northwest. In this eighth novel in the Cal Claxton Oregon Mysteries series, Easley again proves his ability to write twisty, suspenseful stories.

At the heart of "Fatal Flaw" is the mysterious Cal Claxton, a lawyer from a small town who used to be a prosecutor in Los Angeles. He gets involved in a lot of complicated cases, and Easley does a great job of showing how complicated Claxton's personality is. He makes him a flawed but very believable main character. Claxton's journey isn't just about solving crimes; it's also about facing his own problems, which gives the story more meaning.

The plot begins with a famous builder's death in a rural Oregon hamlet. Claxton uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal while investigating the case, that threatens to tear the town apart. The author manages to create a mysterious and thrilling scene page after page.

What stood out the most about Easley's writing is the way he could create a vivid scenerio as he describes the environment of every scene. He brings the rugged beauty of Oregon to life in every one of the pages, nearly making it a character in and of itself. From foggy woodlands to windswept beaches, the landscape serves as a beautiful tapestry against which the tale develops, pulling readers in with its melancholy allure.

This book carries just the right amount of suspense and quiet moments, making the pace "just right" for the reader. For the most part, Easley keeps the reader's attention, building up the tension to the big reveal while leaving plenty of time for character growth and reflection along the way.

Overall, "Fatal Flaw" is a beautifully written story that mystery fans and people who have never read a mystery before will both enjoy. Warren C. Easley's latest book shows how good a writer he really is. How creative he can be with each of the characters, how he can set the mood for the scene, and complicate plot. People who read this book will be hooked until the very end as they follow Cal Claxton on his trip through the dark side of the Pacific Northwest.

About the Author

Warren C. Easley

Formerly a research scientist and international business executive, Warren C. Easley lives in Oregon, where he writes fiction, hikes, skis, and fly fishes. As the author of the Cal Claxton Mysteries, he received a Kay Snow national award for fiction and was named the Northwest's Up and Coming Author by Willamette Writers in 2017. His fifth book in the series, Blood for Wine, was short-listed for the coveted Nero Wolfe Award, and his eighth book, No Witness, won the 2022 Spotted Owl Award for the best mystery written by an author living in the greater Northwest.


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