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Fire Fury Fate (Fire Fury Saga Book 3)

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Morgan Smith

This book takes readers on an exciting trip through a stormy galaxy. The Bastion, which is humanity's last chance to survive and has to deal with huge problems in this great battle. Every prisoner in Bastion needs to make a plan for how to stay alive when Zagan gets out of the Tendril Hoard and starts a riot.

It is very well done that the stories of the brave Beta Squad survivors and the mysterious Black Shadow spies Raiden and Xan are brought together in this book. The people of Xi Colony run away to Ethlana because the Kikari attack won't stop. Rose does a great job of describing the tough and difficult situations, captivating the readers into a fierce fight for life against impossible odds.

There is trouble in the air, and on Vella, survivors of the Saisei Massacre are eagerly waiting for help from Ethlana. Two Saisei deserters, Blaine and Suki, find comfort on Aeros, which is Ethlana's home world. Once there are no more ways to get out or talk to anyone, it becomes their safe place.

The author knows how to captivate people into this amazing story of determination and hope. This book is highly recommended for those who enjoy and love reading space action books. The author masterfully writes science fiction tales that are very exciting and keep readers hooked from the first page, I really loved reading this book, I had a lot of fun and entertainment while reading all the chapters.

About the Author

Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose is the CEO and founder of The Infinite Power of You INC., Co-Founder of No BS Biz Co. Ltd., a Business, Wealth and Mindset Coach, Multi-Published Multi-Genre Author, Motivational Speaker, Course Creator, and Actor. Her corporation serves entrepreneurs worldwide, with her unique approach that focuses on understanding each client’s individual strengths and guiding them in building their own methodology, rather than attempting to get them to adapt to a specific mold.

Amanda has been a sales expert for over a decade, having experience in door-to-door sales, retail, live sales presentation, network marketing, and online product and service sales, which allows her to bring extensive insight to her clients. Amanda has been featured in many publications and news articles for her work, including FOX, CBS, Yahoo! Finance, and NBC, and was recently recognized with the BRAINZ Global 500 Award and the CREA 2021 Award. Amanda passionately works to help entrepreneurs succeed through her Corporation as well as within her Facebook Community.

An avid Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, Amanda spends her free time reading and watching beloved Sci-Fi & Fantasy such as Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, Lord of The Rings, Battlestar Galactica, and more. She was a featured author for her Space Opera, The Fire Fury Saga, at the 2019 Toronto Comicon.


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