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Fire Fury Frontier (Fire Fury Saga)

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

5 Star Review

Editorial Review

by Paul Lappen

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For the past two hundred years, the multi-generation ship Saisei has travelled the galaxy, looking for a new planet for its human passengers to colonize. There is no Earth to return to.

While approaching an asteroid-sized iceberg (the ship is almost out of water), those who are not satisfied with the current government stage a takeover attempt. It is put down, but with many casualties. On the other side of a nearby gas giant planet, the humans just happen to find a wormhole. At the other end of that wormhole is the interstellar equivalent of the United Nations. It is an immense space structure, so old that no one knows who built it, and home to thousands of beings. The humans are welcomed as new members of the Bastion.

The area is the hub of many different wormholes. A derelict ship comes through a wormhole that hasn’t been used in several hundred years. Further investigation shows that it is infested with sentient tendrils that can easily survive in deep space. They can eat through metal, and they live on electrical energy. The tendrils are controlling the ship, because destroying it takes a couple of attempts. A sample of a tendril is analyzed; it seems to be almost indestructible. Later, the sample is taken back through the wormhole and released, just to see what happens. It turns out to be a really bad idea.

This novel is surprisingly good. It helps that it is Part 1 of a series; I look forward to reading the rest of it. This story has it all; humans looking for a new home, deep space, an alien confederation, good characters and hideous alien invaders. It is also a very fast read. Yes, this is really worth the time.

About the Author

Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose is the CEO and founder of The Infinite Power of You INC., Co-Founder of No BS Biz Co. Ltd., a Business, Wealth and Mindset Coach, Multi-Published Multi-Genre Author, Motivational Speaker, Course Creator, and Actor. Her corporation serves entrepreneurs worldwide, with her unique approach that focuses on understanding each client’s individual strengths and guiding them in building their own methodology, rather than attempting to get them to adapt to a specific mold.

Amanda has been a sales expert for over a decade, having experience in door-to-door sales, retail, live sales presentation, network marketing, and online product and service sales, which allows her to bring extensive insight to her clients. Amanda has been featured in many publications and news articles for her work, including FOX, CBS, Yahoo! Finance, and NBC, and was recently recognized with the BRAINZ Global 500 Award and the CREA 2021 Award. Amanda passionately works to help entrepreneurs succeed through her Corporation as well as within her Facebook Community.

An avid Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, Amanda spends her free time reading and watching beloved Sci-Fi & Fantasy such as Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, Lord of The Rings, Battlestar Galactica, and more. She was a featured author for her Space Opera, The Fire Fury Saga, at the 2019 Toronto Comicon.


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