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Fireflies and Zeroes by Liz Larson

5 Star Review

by Michael Beas

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In Liz Larson's "Fireflies and Zeroes" the heart-pounding rhythm of the pop-punk trio reflects the relentless beats of a gripping mystery, combining the essence of friendship, turbulent emotions and the search for truth.  

Set against the backdrop of Charlottesville, Virginia, the story unfolds after confusion and pause. The Generation, a pop-punk trio, come together in the wake of racial violence and the mysterious disappearance of their frontman Max. When guitarist Jason tries to reunite the band, their reunion is interrupted by a tragic event - a character claiming to be Max falls from a balcony. 

Larson brilliantly weaves a tapestry of mystery and intrigue, skillfully creating a story where nothing is what it seems. The novel's magnetic pull comes from the layers of deception, uncovering the trickster on that fateful night and diving into Jason's labyrinthine quest to uncover the truth about his missing friend. 


What resonates deep within "Fireflies and Zeroes" is Larson's deft portrayal of the complex emotions behind friendship and the multifaceted nature of human relationships. Jasonand's unwavering determination to find Max is a testament to the depth of their bond and a compelling exploration of loyalty in the midst of chaos.  

The backdrop of the Virginia and Blue Ridge Mountains adds an atmospheric dimension and serves as a metaphorical landscape for Jason's inner journey. As she navigates this landscape in search of answers and uncovering hidden truths, readers will ride an emotional roller coaster and uncover surprising revelations about the complexity of  relationships. Larson's storytelling prowess shines through  the complex, layered characters, each with their own complexities and secrets. Through Jason's eyes, the reader is immersed in a world of emotional turmoil as he grapples with Max's mysterious disappearance, facing personal revelations that change his understanding of the people and places he holds dear. 

"Fireflies and Zeroes" is a magnetic story bubbling with raw emotion, revealing a gripping mystery while eloquently exploring the resilience of friendship and the search for salvation. Liz Larson's storytelling skills and the novel's evocative story make this a compelling journey through the shadows of mystery and the illuminating power of human relationships.

About the author

Liz Larson

Liz Larson is a Virginia-based fiction author. Despite her "real job" as a physics graduate student, in her heart she's still a fighty emo kid who loves to write about pop punk, small towns, and the well-intentioned but often destructive choices we make en route to adulthood.


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