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Foolproof Hiring: Powerful, Proven Keys to Hiring HIGH Performers

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

4 Star Review

Book Description

In their book Foolproof Hiring, business leaders and hiring experts Brad Smart and Chris Mursau give readers an easy-to-follow instruction course in Topgrading. This nationally - known and time-tested hiring methodology has been a proven winner in finding A players for thousands of businesses for more than thirty years.

Smart and Mursau distill the key tenets of Topgrading -- a systematic and comprehensive process – into simple explanations of the most common hiring problems. Then they offer clear and practical solutions to each problem. Deploying an effective mix of narrative, anecdotes, third-party research and more, the authors bring real-life hiring scenarios into sharp focus while offering a clear path for hiring managers to jump-start their efforts to find and hire more high performers.

Any hiring manager – not just HR managers – can benefit from the tools and processes in Foolproof Hiring. It’s your key to streamlining your hiring so that you’re seeing fewer but better candidates so you can pack your team with A players. That’s a formula that’s better for you, your career, and your organization. Why settle for mediocre hiring methods when you can leverage the knowledge and experience of proven results in the world of finding and hiring top talent.

Book Editorial Review

by Robin Surface

I was so pleasantly surprised by this book’s witty and fast-paced writing style. This is the complete opposite of all those stodgy, dry, boring business books!

Along with the conversational and well-written text, there are also exercises and links to additional reading that help to create a dynamic and information-filled how-to guide.

Reading this book helped me to see why so many jobs are going unfulfilled or under-fulfilled right now - especially for smaller companies who don’t take the extra time to create job notices that attract the right candidates. A lot of the steps seem like common sense, but do require going the extra mile to be sure you, as the interviewer, are completely prepared so that you end up with the best candidates. The book did a great job of pointing out exactly how valuable that extra effort can be to a business.

The chapter summaries were also a great addition for those of us who tend to skim when reading!!

This book is a great step by step guide for more effective hiring.

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About Bradford D. Smart

Brad is frequently acknowledged as the world’s foremost expert on hiring. Brad’s firm, Topgrading, Inc., consults with many leading companies and hundreds of small and growth companies helping them pack their teams with A Players. Brad has interviewed over 6,500 candidates for hire and promotion to executive positions.


Brad has been married to wife Mary since 1969, has 11 grandchildren, and competes in Masters Springboard Diving. In his age group he occasionally wins, because better divers eventually drop out and Brad is the “last man … springing!” He completed his doctorate in Management Psychology at Purdue University, entered consulting, and since the 1970s has been in private practice as CEO of Topgrading, Inc., based in the Chicago area.

He is author of eight books, most of which are Amazon, Fortune, and Wall Street Journal best sellers.

The latest book is: Foolproof Hiring: Powerful, Proven Keys to Hiring High Performers, co-authored by his president, Chris Mursau. Also popular is the most complete Topgrading “textbook,” Topgrading, 3rd Edition: The Proven Hiring And Promoting Method That Turbocharges Company Performance. In addition to writing books on hiring, he and daughter Dr. Kate Mursau wrote Smart Parenting, How To Raise Can-Do Kids.


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