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Grandpa Kevin's...The Gingerbread Man

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

by Jan Hart

This is one of those books you simply fall in love with for its delightful twist on a well-down classic tale. It's clear that the author Kevin Brougher enjoys the use of rhymes, breathing new life into the story of the Gingerbread Man, making it a great read-aloud book for kids. Additionally, Jessica Warrick's artwork adds a little more magic to the pages.

What sets this book apart is the blend of the familiar with the unexpected. Yes, the original story remains intact, but this time with some clever twists.

I feared that it might stray away from the original story, but was pleased to find it still pays homage to the traditional story, so should still resonate with younger readers until the very end.

I also agree that Jessica Warrick's artwork is the icing on the gingerbread cake, or should I say cookie. The pictures complement well with the whimsical, rhythmic storytelling of the book.

Just like the movie, Shrek, I hope that Brougher and Warrick's collaboration will introduce a new generation of readers to the Gingerbread Man, perhaps even nurturing a love for reading.

If you're seeking a fresh take on a beloved classic, Kevin Brougher and Jessica Warrick have crafted a story that will delight. A must for bed-time reading with the kids.

About the Author

Kevin Brougher

Kevin Brougher 32's years of teaching proved rewarding, challenging and heartbreaking at times. There is only so much a teacher can do when you see over 150 students a day. Still, it was a place for inspiration, creative outlet, and humor.

He was fortunate enough to start out in the elementary grades - progress to middle school - then spend some years at the high school level. Fortunate, because it gave him a much clearer picture of the progression of skills, than just reading about it.

Even during his student teaching days, He was intrigued with finding ways to get kids thinking and learning in a fun way. Of course, fun can be an ambiguous term. But still, He was on the constant look out and constant dwelling on what could hook them just a little bit more and make them think just a little bit longer.

What he noticed, too, was that there were activities that were done in school that were good but, would not be replicated or done at home. And, there were some fun activities that were done at home that just didn't quite have enough content or thinking skills involvement that would allow for it to be justified in the classroom. What was missing were activities - games - books that families would enjoy enough to play and use together with out it being an "assignment" but teachers could use in the classroom.

He eventually went on to start Missing Piece Press, LLC. A publishing company that would publish those types of works. Over the years He has encouraged many to create these types of works. Besides books and games that got people thinking, He also enjoyed writing verse. It probably not only stemmed from inspiration from his mom but, from learning how to play guitar and writing songs in college and later writing songs for the classroom.

He is most fortunate and so blessed to have two wonderful, beautiful and talented daughters. One, happens to now be a graphic design illustrator and illustrated a story that he had written for the girls during his early years of teaching - "Reindolphins". She also has illustrated my story "How the Candy Cane Got Its Stripes" and did the design work on : "Lookie Loo - A Baby's First Game".


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