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Hollywood Slide: An M/M Romance (Ballet Boys)

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


'Acting, like life, is about making choices' - a move from ballet to Hollywood 'drama'...

Author Cyd Sidney once again proves that inimitable characters can be created and succeed in a rather short story, one balancing erotica with wit and humor. Ballet Boys is a successful series, of which this is Book 2. This romance begins at a Hollywood party for a star (Keaton) who is visited by an uninvited - but tantalizing - ballet dancer guest (Lev) and the lust and romance moves on from there. Or in the characters’ voices: Lev - Starring in my first movie is a big deal, but I'm more concerned about having Keaton as my acting coach. It's been eight years since we spent the night together and he's never breathed a word about it. Is he embarrassed? Did he forget? This time I'm not going to leave things to chance. I'm going to make sure Keaton knows I want him! Keaton - I don't care how hot Lev is, I've got to focus on being the best coach I can be. That means keeping things professional, even when we're kissing for the camera. I'm not even thinking about my own shattered dreams of acting stardom. Lev's success is the best thing I can hope for now. And maybe, we can squeeze in one more round of (practice) making out!

Humorous, and rich in innuendoes, this little story works on every level. Cyd Sidney is an author to watch!

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About the Author

Cyd Sidney

My name is Cyd Sidney and I write queer, romantic tales with a lot of spice/steam/heat (let’s just call it sex). My stories are funny, weird, and include lots banter. I’m thrilled that you’re here and hope you’ll join me for the ride!


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