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Hound Dogged: (Hound Dogs Series, Book 1)

Updated: Jun 9

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Lara Gavilanez

"Hound Dogged" from Rebecca Hendricks takes you back to the exciting year of 1958, when teens are listening to Rock & Roll and society is changing quickly, preparing for a musical change. In this sad and changing world, five friends find comfort and inspiration in the melodies of The Hound Dogs. They form a band that stands for friendship and defiance in the face of change.

John, Stu, Jerry, Patrick, and Danny, a talented newcomer, get together in Stu's mom's basement for a series of casual strumming sessions that become more important. The band is dealing with questions of loyalty and authenticity, also goals and doubts are building below the surface. Can they stay true to their music while navigating the rough waves of fame and money?

With great skill, Hendricks catches the mood of the time, taking readers back to a time when the promise of Rock & Roll was both exciting and scary. She writes vividly and uses real conversation to paint a rich picture of friendship, rivalry, and how music can change people.

At the heart of the story is the conflict between dreams and reality, as The Hound Dogs prepare to perform in front of a large crowd. Tensions are rising and egos are clashing, so the band needs to use all of their guts and creativity to get through it.

"Hound Dogged" is more than just the dreams of an artist. In a world full of desires, it's also an intelligent look at youth, identity, and the search for truth. Anyone of any age can enjoy this book because it has interesting people, a setting that makes you feel nostalgic, and themes that will always be relevant. It will make them want to join The Hound Dogs on their quest to find themselves and rebel against rock 'n' roll.

About the Author

Rebecca Hendricks 

Rebecca Hendricks is a writer and author of the new novel Hound Dogged.

Rebecca has made a career doing accounting and Judicial Assistant work, but her passion has always been writing and creating colorful and exciting stories. Starting at a young age, Rebecca could be found in her room, spending countless hours writing stories in longhand or typing her work with one finger on her father’s antique typewriter.

Rebecca is a Colorado native where she lives with her husband, dog, and two cats. She enjoys urban exploration and camping with her husband and their Golden Retriever, Haley. In her limited free time, she enjoys restoring and giving new life to old dolls.


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