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In Search of the Highest Truth: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy

Updated: Feb 27

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By John Sloan

Yoga has come to be associated with hip leggings and Instagram-worthy positions in a time when its profound spiritual core is being called into question by Hari-kirtana das.

Offering a unique journey into the center of yoga's philosophical maze, "In Search of the Highest Truth: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy" is a beacon of light for both seasoned practitioners and inquisitive novices.

Das sets out on a voyage across the history of yoga philosophy, revealing its enduring value in the present day. This book provides a guide for navigating the wide world of yogic wisdom, covering everything from the historical background of yoga to its complex relationships with religion, ethics, and the age-old question of fate vs free will.

This book is unique in that it is easily accessible. Das skillfully condenses difficult ideas from antiquated writings into easily understood pearls of knowledge, making them available to all searchers, regardless of their background in yoga philosophy. His witty writing style infuses serious realities with a hint of humor, making the trip both immensely enjoyable and enlightening.

Furthermore, "In Search of the Highest Truth" is a useful manual for incorporating yogic concepts into daily life rather than just a theoretical investigation. Das gives advice on how to use these traditional teachings and cultivate spiritual vision to deal with the difficulties of the contemporary world, offering a path toward a more purposeful and happy life.

Prominent experts in the subject, such as Joshua M. Greene and Carol Horton, have praised this work for its lucidity, humor, and all-encompassing methodology. This book is an essential travel companion on the road to self-discovery and spiritual development, regardless of whether you're a yoga instructor looking to enhance your sessions or a sincere student hoping to expand your knowledge of yoga.

"In Search of the Highest Truth" is more than simply a book; it's a lighthouse amidst the cacophony of modern yoga culture, pointing us toward the core of what it means to practice yoga in the first place: a profound path of self-discovery and inner transformation.

About the Author

Hari-Kirtana Das

Hari-kirtana is an author, teacher, and public speaker who has been practicing devotional and other yogic disciplines for over 40 years. He's lived in yoga ashrams and intentional spiritual communities, worked for Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley start-ups, and brings a wide range of spiritual knowledge and life experience to his classes, workshops, conversations, and presentations. In addition to a lifetime of practice, Hari-kirtana has an 800-hour yoga teacher certification from the Jivamukti Yoga School and has been teaching yoga and meditation classes for the past 15 years. He's on the faculty of numerous Yoga Teacher Training programs and is a frequent contributor to forums and magazines about the enduring relevance of yoga’s ancient wisdom to life in the modern world. Hari’s talent for making complex ideas easy to understand, his keen sense of humor, his passion for critical thinking, and commitment to meaningful dialog have made him a sought-after teacher, speaker, and podcast guest. You can learn more about Hari-kirtana by visiting his website:


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