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K9 ODIN: The Redemptive Autobiography of a Patrol Tracking Canine

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

4 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

by Lynda

K9 ODIN: The Redemptive Autobiography of a Patrol Tracking Canine offers a unique perspective on the life of a dedicated police canine, as narrated by Odin, Coos County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Tracking Canine. Written by Lisa Slater, an author with a diverse literary portfolio, including works ranging from romantic suspense to military fiction, the book showcases her versatility in storytelling.

In K9 ODIN, Lisa Slater showcases a distinctive style, marked by an ability to infuse emotion into her prose. Her words have a way of reaching out and grabbing hold of the reader's heart, particularly in the poignant moments shared between Odin and his handler, Adam. It's clear that Lisa is not merely recounting a story, but painting a vivid portrait of the unbreakable bond forged in the crucible of duty and devotion. It is worth pointing out, however, that the narrative occasionally dips into emotional territory, which may resonate with some readers, but could potentially come across as overly sentimental to others. However, this emotional touch does lend a certain authenticity to the portrayal of the deep bond between Odin and his handler, Adam.

Lisa Slater’s belief in the power of stepping outside one's comfort zone, as evident in her personal philosophy, adds an interesting layer to the narrative. Her own experiences in Oregon, surrounded by family and farm animals, likely contribute to the authenticity of her storytelling. It also undoubtedly provides her with a rich tapestry of experiences that inform the depth and authenticity of her storytelling.

The strength of the book lies in its ability to vividly depict the challenges faced by Odin and Adam in their line of duty. The descriptions of their encounters with harsh terrains and formidable adversaries are vivid and engaging. The narrative effectively captures the grit and determination required in their line of work.

In conclusion, K9 ODIN stands as a testament to Lisa's ability to weave together disparate genres and breathe life into a true story that is as heart-rending as it is inspiring. Her diverse literary portfolio, coupled with her lived experiences, shine through in this redemptive tale of a police canine's unwavering dedication. The book effectively captures the challenges faced by Odin and Adam, offering readers a compelling glimpse into their world. This is a read that will likely appeal to those interested in law enforcement and the special bond between humans and their working dogs. Readers will find themselves not only engrossed in Odin's journey but also touched by Lisa's skillful storytelling. This is a book that will leave an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to experience it.

About the Author

Lisa Slater

Lisa is the author of romantic suspense, Chancing Hope, legendary love story, Holder of the Horses, thrilling mystery, For the Garden, military fiction, Dead Alive, and true autobiography of a police canine, K9 Odin.

"The best things in life happen when you are willing to step outside of your safety bubble."

Lisa lives in Oregon with her husband, grown children, and numerous farm animals. Apart from family, she has two great passions.

The first, being an author of stories gifted to her from life, powerful inspiration, and imagination. She has become known for captivating her readers and has been accused on many occasions, that she’s caused them to burn too much of the midnight oil devouring every last word before dawn. If this were the case with you, she sends her apology (but is indeed quite ecstatic).

The second is horseback riding. If asked, she says her obsession with horses and endless desire to ride and compete didn’t spawn from any one event, but that she was born with it, pure and simple.


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