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Losing Wonder Woman: A Path to Healing

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Jan Hart

"Losing Wonder Woman: A Path to Healing," Kermit Farmer's autobiography, pays moving and funny homage to his remarkable wife, Dr. Linda Lee Farmer. In reliving their twenty-year love story, Farmer transports readers to a poignant place of tears, laughter, and deep respect for a lady whose influence was felt by others.

More than simply a well-known oncologist, Linda Lee Farmer was a loving mother, an enthusiastic friend, and a shining example of integrity and compassion. We witness Linda's steadfast support for her family, her unflinching commitment to her patients, and her raw honesty that won her over to so many others via Kermit's eyes. Farmer gives Linda a very admirable and respectful portrait that creates a clear image of a woman who lived with remarkable compassion and strength.

Linda's book talks about her battles with cancer and shows how she never gave up her desire to love, live and help others. This part of Kermit's story is moving and inspiring. It's about a woman whose heart never gave up, even as her body got sick. Love and fun can get you through even the worst things that happen in life, as Linda's story shows.

In his very personal and colorful writing, Farmer paints a very clear picture of his life with Linda. His views on the happy and sad things they both went through together show how love can heal and have lasting effects. In honor of Linda's memory, the memoir shows that love can last through anything and that real power comes from within.

Being able to celebrate a great woman in "Losing Wonder Woman: A Path to Healing" is beautiful. Kermit Farmer's story about his life with Linda is funny and sad at the same time. This story shows how strong people are and how love can change everything. Want to feel better, get ideas, or learn more about what it means to live and love? This book is great for you.

As a final note, Kermit Farmer's "Losing Wonder Woman: A Path to Healing" is an emotional and moving ode to the life and work of Dr. Linda Lee Farmer. Through tears and laughter, readers can see a love story that gets through loss and sends a strong message of hope and resilience.


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