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Love and Him: Poems and Reflections

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Book Description

Are you in love with a man who takes your breath away? Don't keep it a secret - share it with the world! Love and Him is the perfect way to express your undying devotion to your beloved. Discover the beauty and joy of expressing yourself through poetic confessions and unwavering feelings that come with finding true and hopeful love. The powerful words within Love and Him deliver an indelible intensity and vulnerability unique to each relationship. Experience firsthand these uncontrollable, cherished moments as you relive them in lyric form. Let this special piece of art capture your heart and bring in magical sparks for even greater ones down the road. You don't have to keep your deepest, most heartfelt emotions hidden anymore - add Love and Him to your collection today!

Book Editorial Review

by Karrie

5 Stars Review

Anyone who believes a relationship consists of anything other than what Rene Keeler expresses in Love and Him: Poems and Reflections is grossly misled. The passion. the joy, the fulfillment a mixture of desperation, anger, and jealousy is what makes the mix so perfect. The absence of a lover that brought loneliness and sadness jumps out at you. The pages seem to engulf you and take you on a maddening love journey with her lover. The possession of body, mind, and soul has created an indefinite love story.

HISTORY is HERSTORY, such a passionate and neatly collaborative read. Well done. A creative, yet pratical, and relatable piece!

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About Rene Keeler

Rene Keeler is a writer who uses a pen name in order to continue writing about her love for her partner. She loves spending time with him and exploring the natural beauty that surrounds them.


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