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Mastering Project Management: Planning For Performance: A Competency-Based Guidebook Focused on Tech

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Gaining Competence in Successful Project Control

Pennsylvania author Wesley E Donahue, PhD serves as a professor of Management Development and Education at Penn State University, as president of Centrestar Inc. a firm that provides leadership skills to professionals, and is a registered Professional engineer, a certified management professional, and author of books that include his COMPETENCY-BASED GUIDEBOOKS, now with MASTERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Dr. Donahue opens his workbook by sharing, ‘This book is based on sound research, ears of experience in a variety of industries, and the knowhow gained in managing projects and teaching others how to be successful leaders. Effective project managers and other leaders achieve success through a combination of learning, planning, and acting.’ Using a very valuable ‘workbook method,’ the scope of guidance includes contemporary project management, defining project scope, project planning and scheduling tools, and monitoring and controlling projects. Further books in this new series will cover controlling time, money, and risk, and results through people, and in those broad categories the process and success of project management become accessible. All aspects are accompanied by illustrations and workbook pages that stimulate the reader to learn – and employ – the advice proffered. Dr. Donahue is a fine instructor and his publication of this first book of his series is a solid beginning.

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About the Author

Wesley E. Donahue, PhD, MBA, PE, PMP®, 6ϭ Blackbelt (1950 to present).

As a business owner, engineer, manager, and now an educator, I have always thought of myself as being in the business of helping other people succeed. But like you, at each step of the way I had to learn, and I had to put that learning into action. My latest books are Building Leadership Competence - A Competency–Based Approach to Building Leadership Ability and Unlocking Lean Six Sigma - A Competency-Based Approach to Applying Continuous Process Improvement Principles and Best Practices speak from the voice of experience. My latest workbooks Professional Ethics and Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace are both practical guidebooks for workshops, inhouse training, or learn at lunch programs. As for my background, I am a professor of Management Development and Education at Penn State University. In this capacity, I am engaged in top-ranked graduate research and programming in learning and performance systems and lead a successful online graduate program in organization development and change. I am also president of Centrestar, Inc. a firm that offers a unique and straightforward approach for professionals to assess their leadership skills, develop personalized roadmaps for success, and access on-demand micro-learning courses that get results. View our courses at: Before that, I was Director of Penn State Management Development Programs and Services, which provided education and training services to business and industry clients around the world. Prior to that, I had years of experience as a manager, leader, and business owner. I was regional sales vice-president for a mid-sized plastics packaging manufacturer; co-founder and executive vice-president of a manufacturing company; corporate and International manager of technology for a Fortune 200 multi-national company; and I also co-owned and operated a retail business. I am a registered professional engineer, six-sigma black belt, certified project management professional, co-author of Creating In-house Sales Training and Development Programs, and author of a host of short courses and other education and training materials. I would enjoy hearing from you and finding out how my books have helped you achieve


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