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MBA Disrupted: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Bootstrapping $1M+ Digital Businesses

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Jhonn Nakamura

If you're looking to become a successful digital entrepreneur, Mario Peshev's book "MBA Disrupted: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Bootstrapping $1M+ Digital Businesses" is an extensive and useful resource. Powered by Peshev's extensive experience spanning over 25 years of building and scaling digital platforms, consulting with hundreds of executives, and investing in rapidly growing startups, this comprehensive guide is an invaluable resource for both seasoned business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This book covers in-depth a wide range of topics important for digital CEOs, such as picking the best business models, conducting thorough market research, creating a resilient entrepreneurial attitude, and implementing growth methods.

The book excels in examining different digital business models. Supported by best practices and insights gained from his extensive expertise, Peshev offers in-depth analysis of affiliate marketing, SaaS, e-commerce, service-based firms, and community-led growth. No matter what their specific area of expertise, readers will be able to find relevant material thanks to this thorough coverage.

The movie "MBA Disrupted" also emphasizes how important it is to always study, be creative, and adjust to the ever evolving digital environment. Peshev assists companies in managing and resolving common problems in areas like marketing, hiring, technology, sales, and compliance with his useful strategies and ideas. He offers sound advice with wide applicability because it is grounded in real experience.

This book's clear, scientific approach to launching and expanding a digital business from the ground up to seven figures is what makes it unique. Apart from being strictly academic, Peshev's guidance is grounded in his personal experiences of turning multiple startups into seven-figure enterprises. An authenticity and depth to the material that are hard to find elsewhere are contributed by this first-hand expertise.

If you want to succeed in the digital business world, "MBA Disrupted" is a book you should definitely read. A robust foundation for launching and growing a profitable digital business is provided by Peshev's blend of tactical advice, practical examples, and strategic insights. Regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or looking to expand an established business, this book offers a comprehensive and realistic road map for accomplishing your entrepreneurial goals.

About the Author

Mario Peshev

As a CEO of DevriX and Growth Shuttle, as well as a veteran business advisor and angel investor, Mario Peshev helps SMEs scale digitally to 500,000,000 monthly views. He advises executives and senior managers on operations, marketing and technology, management, recruitment, and business strategy.

Peshev is an experienced engineer, consultant, and trainer with 25 years of practical experience in IT and digital systems. Having acquired multiple certifications in software development and security, he spent over 10,000 combined hours teaching courses and workshops for organizations such as SAP, VMware, Saudi Aramco, CERN, Software AG, numerous universities and training academies.

Consulting services are the bread and butter of Peshev's portfolio of businesses as well. DevriX coined the "WordPress retainers" business model in 2015 and offers ongoing digital technical consulting to a portfolio of long-term clients, including notable names in the automotive and finance industries, two Fortune 1000 brands, several progressive and innovative hardware startups, and more. Growth Shuttle is the extension of the business-focused directly on executives and senior management teams passionate about management and operations, along with leadership or employer branding best practice.

Mario Peshev is the product mastermind of business-oriented products such as WP-CRM and SaaS BPM, and grows a comprehensive suite of services, products, and training materials for SMEs across North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.


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