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Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling: A Heartwarming, Sensitive Story for Teaching Kids Emotional Balance

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Teaching Children Critical Skills in Emotional Management

Most of the time, children can place themselves in the shoes of the characters in an engaging story. When this occurs, it's possible that reading fiction will help them find motivation from the stories' characters. Anecdotes are used quite frequently in these tales to illustrate real-world effects, which makes it simpler for younger readers to comprehend the complexities of life's experiences. In addition, exposing children to these tales consistently will aid in forming a constructive outlook on life, which is, in the end, a vital component of effective character development. Emotional balance consultant Shira Shaked has done workshops and speeches on emotional management and positive parenting for twelve years as an Art Therapist and Theta Healing Therapist. Her career led her to create the FSTR – Five Steps to Relief method for emotional balance. She trains parents, educators, and other professionals and applies her method in many institutions. As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), she was raised without emotional balance skills. She learned a lot over the years as an art therapist to help individuals of all ages. She developed FSTR for emotional balance several years ago. However, COVID showed her how vital it is for children and adults to have those same skills, so they don't feel alone and misunderstood as she did. She now wants to share her expertise with parents, educators, and therapists so they may assist others—and themselves. She wrote this book to introduce Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling and the FSTR approach for a happier, more peaceful life. Shira Shaked’s “Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling” is a positive and encouraging narrative that teaches children about emotional balance. It tells the story of Johnny, aged six, who awakens one morning with a nasty feeling in his stomach. He’s feeling very anxious inside but doesn’t know what to do about it. Johnny meets Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling, who help him find out what he needs to do with the support of his mother. They educate him on why it's vital to pay attention to our emotions as well as our bodies, and how, in just five simple steps, he can use the great strength he has within him to feel better when things don't seem right. “Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling” is a well-written and engaging story that incorporates essential life lessons. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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About the Author

Shira Shaked

Shira Shaked is an experienced emotional balance advisor. She has worked for twelve years as an Art Therapist, ThetaHealing Therapist, and has led many workshops and given talks about emotional management and beneficial parenting. The experience and knowledge she acquired throughout her career led Shira to develop the FSTR – Five Steps to Relief method, a tool for achieving emotional balance. She teaches her method to parents, educators, and other professionals and applies it in a wide range of institutions. Shira is a mother of three and a born creator. She has been a writer and an artist all her life.


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