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My First Pony : Unbridled Journeys of Show Jumpers and Hunter Riders, Biographies of Triumph from the Saddle to Stardom

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Aranza Bergamo

In "My First Pony: Unbridled Journeys of Show Jumpers and Hunter Riders, Biographies of Triumph from the Saddle to Stardom" the authors offer readers a heartfelt glimpse into the profound bond between the riders and their beloved first ponies. Through poignant stories and personal accounts, they explore the invaluable role these loyal companions play in the area of competitive horsemanship. The stories shared in "My First Pony" describe the incredible journeys of athletes who triumph over challenges, maintain unwavering determination, and refuse to surrender, ultimately achieving their dreamed global recognition from very humble beginnings.

Every page of this book shows the profound impact that these relationships have on the path to greatness. The triumphant tone and the enduring bond between the rider and pony are evident from the first to the last page.

This book is notable for its impressive list of highly-known co-authors, all of whom are highly respected figures in the equestrian world. If you have a passion for horses and the equestrian world or aspire to be a professional rider, you will gain valuable insights and knowledge from the stories these individuals share. The list includes names like McLain Ward, Will Simpson, Mimi Gochman, and Savannah Unger. "My First Pony" is more than just short biographies; it beautifully captures the enduring connection between horse and rider from their early age. As we enter the world of these remarkable riders, we are transported to the arenas and stables where their initial equine encounters started.

Through their unique perspective, we gain a glimpse into their captivating world of this elegant sport. Beas and Pate have truly crafted a masterpiece that extends far beyond the realm of equestrian fiction. The equestrian community is characterized by their dedication and passion for these majestic creatures and the transformative journeys they take on together.

This is a tribute to the enduring influence of those groundbreaking, unforgettable ponies and the extraordinary stories that emerge when a passion for horses, dedication, and resilience converge on the path to success.


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