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No More Gold Stars: Regenerating Capacity to Think for Ourselves

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Adrianne Miller

The astute analysis of the flaws in the current methods of teaching critical thinking and learning may be found in Carol Sanford's book "No More Gold Stars: Regenerating Capacity to Think for Ourselves". Sanford challenges the status quo by offering an all-encompassing and thoughtful approach to education that promotes critical thinking independent of other sources of information.

Sanford offers six disciplines that foment creativity and unique ideas through engaging case studies. These fields are crucial for solving complex issues like social injustice and climate change as well as for altering our deeply held ideas, which breed prejudice, poor judgment, and inept leadership.

By using both modern research and age-old knowledge, Sanford advocates for a dramatic shift away from traditional behaviorism ideas and toward a more comprehensive and self-directed approach to education. By providing specific developmental tools and challenging conventional knowledge, No More Gold Stars helps readers to become critical thinkers who can manage the complexity of the modern world creatively and sensibly.

Ultimately, Carol Sanford's book offers a pertinent and significant perspective on how we should improve our capacity for independent thought and embrace a more effective method of education. It is a book that everyone wishes to go beyond the walls of traditional education and discover their own creative and potential method to educate.

About the Author

Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford is a consistently recognized thought leader working side by side with Fortune 500 and new economy executive teams, designing and leading systemic business change and design. She is Senior Fellow of Social Innovation, Babson College; Founder, The Regenerative Business Development Community, Change Agent Development community.

Her best-selling books have 15 awards, and are required reading at leading business and management schools including Harvard, Stanford, Haas Berkeley and MIT. Carol also partners with producing Executive Education through Babson College, Kaospilot in Denmark, University of Washington and The Lewis Institute at Babson. Her books are filled with case stories, from around the world wide diversity represented.

To that end, Carol has been leading regenerative education efforts in both Fortune 500 and new-economy businesses for more than 40 years. Her client list includes long-term relationships with Colgate Europe and Africa and DuPont Canada, US, Asia, and Europe. She also works with new-economy companies like Intel, Agilent, and leaders of corporate responsibility such as Seventh Generation, Numi Tea, Guayaki.. Google uses her work as a framework in the Food Innovation Lab.

Carol is CEO of Carol Sanford Institute, an education company on building Regenerative Businesses that become non-displaceable in their markets, enduringly. The Carol Sanford Institute is based in the Seattle region of the Puget Sound.

She combines her economic development experience with her extensive business education and background using urban systems, psychology and learning practices.

Carol has published dozens of works in 10 languages, including a series of articles in Executive Excellence, Stephen Covey's newsletter and At Work, a Berrett-Koehler Journal. She is the author of five books with three publishers.

Central to Carol's philosophy and approach is a fresh look at what makes an organization truly regenerative. "It's important to discover your singularity, what enables you to differentiate your business from the crowd," she says, "and then thinking about how to do business so that communities, societies, and ecology as a whole are improved. These are not separate but interwoven pursuits. It's completely doable, and a conversation worth having."

She holds undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley in Economics and Public Law and graduate degrees from California State University, San Jose in Urban Planning. She currently lives near Seattle.


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