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Now: A 31-Day Journey with God

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Kathe Mars

In a world where people are often pulled down by thoughts of the past or worries about the future, finding comfort and spiritual fulfillment in the here and now can seem daunting, but Rev. Dr. Waneko Saxton and Bishop Lea Saxton's joint book 'Now: A 31-Day Journey with God' helps readers find hope and positivity in their lives and the world. This perceptive book acts as a road map for readers, taking them on a life-changing adventure to strengthen their relationship with God in the midst of the challenges life can bring along with it.

"Now" is essentially a thoughtful and beautiful invitation to reconsider how we define spirituality and how we relate to God in ways that go beyond simple devotion. The book gently encourages readers to bring God into the present moment, growing and nurturing their relationship with God on this 31-day journey.

As important as its perceptive observations, "Now" is inclusive; it makes people from all walks of life feel welcome, regardless of their particular spiritual beliefs or religious connections. Rev. Dr. Waneko Saxton and Bishop Lea Saxton take readers on a self-discovery trip through their perceptive style, giving them the skills they need to walk their spiritual paths with dignity, humility, and hope.

‘Now', with all of its spiritual wisdom and insights, has the ability to spark personal development. This timeless masterpiece, written by Rev. Dr. Waneko Saxton and Bishop Lea Saxton, invites readers on a journey of introspection and spiritual renewal. 'Now' becomes a catalyst for significant transformation and progress by encouraging people to accept the present moment and foster a closer relationship with the divine.


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