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Penny's Journal: Fortune Lost

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

5 Star Review

Book Description

A novella in the Forlorn series

Grace and Jared have inexplicably disappeared. For the next decade, their friend Penny keeps a prayer journal, detailing her personal struggles in a society slowly unraveling from pandemics, natural disasters, famine, crime, and war.

When all seems lost, a new leader arrives on the scene who claims he will save the world—but who is he really?

Book Editorial Review

by Quirru

This novel is part of the Forlorn Series, it is a sequel to the novel Forbidden, where Jared and Grace went missing for fifteen years. The book is divided into nine chapters that represent the number of years that had passed since Jared and Grace had disappeared and it is Penny’s Journal where she writes to God all her feelings, worries, thoughts, anger, and gratefulness.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) hit the power grid in Buffalo, creating chaos 3 miles around; Jared and Grace went to investigate and they never came back. So the Journal starts saying that Penny got a phone call from Grace yesterday, and she told her they were coming, they only need their passports to come, but again they did not.

Penny and the other friends and renegades that live with her in a motel where able to talk to the woman that helped Jared and Grace to escape from Spear, and they were supposed to go to Bern with the sister-in-law of this woman. Spear had created the EMP to kidnap Jared and take his DN to make a cure for a genetic terminal illness that he has, and he also thinks he will start to sell it to other people. Ralph one of Penny's friends, feels very bad because he was supposed to protect Jared and he couldn’t do it, they find Grace's cell phone but not her or any remains, and now they are lost again. Penny does not know how to tell Grace's father that she is not coming, because him(Silas) is at the hospital with terminal cancer. Mace (Mason) appears at the hospital and now he and Penny meet again after Mace tried to kill her while he was high, Silas and Penny where drug addicts too. But they find God, and now they are over the addiction. Finally, Silas died and left a letter to Grace in Penny’s hands.

In the 5th year, Grace's mother is with a man that is running for president and he wins, so now Grace's mother is the first Lady. A virus appears and it becomes a pandemic, so things start to get restricted for everyone people lose their jobs, there is no food, no control, no enough hospitals or medications and they think the Interlaken group is the one manipulating everything because suddenly a cure appears, now everyone needs to have the Cure that is given IV, they think Spears is the one that got the Cure with Jareds DNA because he is a Nephilim kind of a half angle and he is immortal, so now the Cure will protect you and also will give you the quality of being immortal, they want everybody to get the Cure but there are people that hear that there are multiple secondary effects and also you can die, but the government following Spears creates laws so everybody has to get the Cure or they will be put in refugee camps so they can not spread the virus. Now they are putting a chip subdermal, which makes it easy for the Ozzies and Pacemakers to identify those that do not have it. As renegades and refugees don't have it, they start cutting everything for them, like groceries, power, water, and internet, and then they are putting nanoparticles in the atmosphere and in the water to control those that do not have the Cure. Penny gets married to Mason after a lot of difficulties and adventures, they are helping all the people they can, and finally, they help Pastor Blaine from the Grigori’s refugee camp. In each entrance of the journal at the end, there is a biblical psalm, that goes exactly with what is happening in that moment with Penny. I was amazed about this because I never knew there were psalms for everything, and most of all because to know all these psalms by heart, as to put them in a novel like this talks about the religious education of the author, that must be well rooted and with a lot of faith. The novel itself for me is like a sarcastic remembrance of the pandemic we just lived with COVID but with a lot more imagination because it takes us far away from where we stop creating a “Cure” that had very nasty secondary effects.

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About Gina Detwiler

Gina Detwiler is the author of the YA Supernatural series FORLORN and is co-author with Priscilla Shirer of the bestselling middle-grade fantasy series, THE PRINCE WARRIORS. Her non-fiction books include The Ultimate Bible Character Guide and The Ultimate Bible Character Devotional. She's written novels for adults, including HAMMER OF GOD and AVALON, under the name Gina Miani.

She currently lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, her dog, several imaginary friends, and all of the characters from her books, even the dead ones. She is also the author of three beautiful daughters, for whom she shares credit with her husband, Steve.


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